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Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day, Hiking, Biking, and Going Comando

So what did you do for Labor Day? We went hiking and then hung out with friends by the pool. It was a beautiful day and the boys really loved the water. The boys really love goggles, and James earned a pair of goggles for himself by finishing and passing his first class of swim lessons. I was really proud of James, he did so well and I'll be putting him back into the next class soon.Tommy looked so funny these goggles, he tried on a lot of pairs and finally settled on these. Tommy tried jumping in without floaties (twice) and just sunk to the bottom. At least he's not afraid of the water.Tim was so happy in the pool especially we I let him wade around without the floaty. After we ate dinner he screamed when I tried to put him back in it, so I finally gave in and just stood next to him on the step while he played in the water.

This morning we got up and went for a hike. It was beautiful up in the mountains.... Yes people, we actually have trees and streams down here. It was a really nice hike...ok walk. The boys got to climb on the rocks.
We found some tree trunks and talked about the rings on the inside.
And of course playing in the water. I mean really, what fun is it if you can't play in it and get all muddy?!

Here is a cute picture of Tim. I love that he just pops out of the picture against the back ground.
Tommy decided that he wanted a walking stick. So he must have picked the biggest one he could find. I finally made him put it down after he knocked Tim over twice, bopped James once, and poke me once. He put it in a "special" spot so he can find it again.

Unfortunately, out hike ended on a bad note, with Tommy getting stung three time and James once by some wasps. I was worried about Tommy, wondering if he was allergic to the stings... he's not, and he was a trooper with it.

One evening we went for a walk, I put Tim in the wagon and Tommy and James road their bikes. Well for what ever reason Tommy doesn't put his feet on the peddles. He just walks himself along. It's so funny looking, and in this picture he had his shoes on the wrong feet so it looks really funny watching him. And it take so long for him to a short way. I wonder if a two wheel bike would force him to peddle?
And now the part that you were waiting for....
There really is so long that you can take advantage of the cute butts of babies. James and Tommy are too old (how ever their butts are still cute) but I can still take pictures of Tim. When we are out side it's just easier to let him go rather than worry about swim diapers. And I think he loves the freedom and natural feel.

I love the innocent look on his face.
Here is the other funny thing that happen this week. We were upstairs and I was helping the boys get dressed. I look over at Tommy as he is getting ready to put some shorts on. He takes off his jammie bottoms and well... there is butt out in the open. He wasn't wearing any underwear!!!!! This is not the first time he has gone commando..... I often have to remind him to put some underwear on. I guess we all have out preferences.


nikkinjohn said...

Your boys have grown so much and are so adorable. I love the swimming shots. I hope their okay from the bee stings. That's a bummer.

Nikki Jeske

Eliza said...

If Tommie loves going commando he is way too much like dad. I'd have to say the spittin image.

The Scott Family said...

Ha- boys are so funny!

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