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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm back...

Well I really didn't go anywhere, just been so busy! I've been working on a project for the surveyor that I'm working for. It's a big project and has been in the works for the past 6 months, and FINALLY it looks like it's going to go forward. I do all the drafting for that, and fortunately I get to work from home. It's really nice, so I put the kids to bed and get to work.

On to funner news..... September 2nd was Tommy's first day of preschool! I was kinda nervous for him. He gets kind of scared in new places and new situations. But he did so good! The only thing that we had to worry about was him finding his name. On all the name signs and stuff it had "Thomas" well Tommy insisted that that wasn't his name. So everything was changed to "Tommy" and he is much happier, and can find his name - no problem.

Last week we had a power outage. Now most are thinking 'No big deal'. But it wasn't just our neighborhood, it was ALL Sierra Vista and all cities around us. It actually was kind of scary because the gas stations were closed, AND the we couldn't get radio stations! So here is what I learned, and I'm hoping this will make you all think as well......

Here is our new Emergency box. What if we had to leave? So you have everything in order? So in our box is.... paper towel, toilet paper, baby wipes, flashlights, batteries, tooth brushes/paste, matches, multi-purpose tool, can opener, water tablets, scriptures, paper plates, plastic utensils, important documents, cash. A word with the important papers... you will want to have COPIES of birth certificates, social security cards, marriage license, a list of any important medical information (diabetic) immunization records, don't forget papers for your pets as well. And a good idea is to laminate these as well. Think... if the power is out no body will take credit cards, so make sure you have cash on hand! On this day if we were asked to leave I didn't even have enough gas to get me to the freeway, so always keep your tank half full, just in case. I post all of this because I know we all have this stuff laying around, but we need to have it all in one spot, to grab it and go. Would you really remember to grab all the important papers? or the can opener? In a state of panic we forget a lot of things. If it's all in one spot, it's just one last thing to think about. Fortunately after the power being on and off all night, and coming back on after being off for only 2 hours, every thing was on and was fine. Like I said, it was scary because it was a really large area, even the base was with out power!

On to better things... Picking apples!

We went to an Apple Orchard, and picked apples one afternoon. This picture really was one of the first taken. It was really hot and they were red and tired even before we started.

Here is James showing off the apples that he picked.

Thankfully we grabber two buckets! On the left we have the good apples off the trees, and on the right we have the apples that Tim "picked" off the ground! We left those out there and took almost 15 pound home with us. (I made a GREAT apple pie) Tim has been loving having apples around to munch on.

Here is Tommy waiting for lunch. He was so tired!

This is the last picture that we took before heading home. It was a great day, but they were ready to go. We'll defiantly do it again!

While Tim is asleep...
So there are some things that we I do with the boys after Tim is down for a nap. And putting the puzzle together is one of them (Tim would rather take the pieces and run away). The puzzle is 150 pieces and I get them started and then they do it them self. It's a puzzle of the USA. Now this is my blog... so I'm totally going to brag about my kids.... James (4) and Tommy (3), know all 50 states, where they are and if I point to it they'll tell me what state it is. I'll say what state is next to 'New York' and they know!(with out looking at a map!!) They also know most of the flags for each state and the state birds. And if you get they started they can name them in alphabetical order. (yes, I am a proud mom) They are starting to want to know where different countries are now. This all started after ready a book called "The Scrambled States of America" by Laura Keller.

Good job boys!!!! (I know some are thinking yeah right.... I can give you references to people who have quizzed the boys on there states)

Another random thing that the boys have taken too..... Chess?!!!
So I've been trying to teach chess to the boys. James is picking it up really quickly, but Tommy is needing a lot of help. The funny thing is they keep asking to play CHEST. I have to keep reminding them that it's CHESS. it just sounds funny to hear them ask to play chest.

And here is a really cute question that James asked this past week....
James: "Mom, do stars grow up to be moons?"


Camie said...

Wow-you have been busy. What a super-woman you are! I miss being able to pick apple and peaches. My mom has and uncle thathas fruit trees, but I haven't been able to do that forever. There's something about a ripe juicy apple right off a tree. Yummy!!!

Nikki said...

Your right it is your blog and you should be able to brag about the boys. It's amazing that those little minds can remember and retrieve that much information. I'm impressed. Thanks for the info on an emergency kit.

swalberg family said...

What smart little boys! I'm still trying to learn where all the states are... Heh heh.

Alicia said...

Joseph would be the one to get the kids putting puzzles together and playing "chest" (my kids call it that too.)
The apple picking looked fun. Last time I did that was 9 yrs ago out in Virginia on our honeymoon.

About the drafting...
how do you do it? I don't feel like doing anything after I finally get my kids in bed. You ARE a super woman!


the apple picking looks so fun! we don't have any good one's close by. and i'm soo impressed teaching your kids chess??;)

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