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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tim is TWO!!!

Can you believe that my baby is 2!! I can't. Time really does fly when you're having fun. Tim decided that he would be up with a Bang this morning... literally. He was bugging James when he got up to go to the bathroom (at 5:00AM), next thing I heard was James push Tim and him falling to the floor (the bang) and then the cry. So why not be awake at 5:00, Tim and I hung out this morning while the sun came up. He got a great call from Dad, to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Two years ago Tim decided that he was done cooking 10 weeks early, and made his way into this world. He was so small at 3lbs 7 oz. The heart rate cuff that they put on him was to small for Steve's thumb!

Before he left the NICU he got down to 2 lbs 12 oz! But we were greatly blessed in that other than just being early, and small (which he wasn't small for being 30 weeks) he was a healthy baby. We were prepared for the possibility of surgeries and stuff but he didn't' need any.

And today we have a happy, healthy, mischievous, destructive, wonderful two year old. He has a strong will and fights for what he wants. There is no distracting here. He is focused enough to keep coming back to the same activity every time he is pulled away. He keeps me on my toes. He is willing to do everything that his brothers are doing, and sometimes more. Which is nice because he's not afraid of a challenge. Tim, I love you and you make me so happy!

As per James and Tommy, we are having round chocolate cake with purple and orange frosting. The older boys helped with the cake and wrapping presents. All the while talking about who's birthday it is... "who gets to blow out the candles?" "who gets to open the presents, and play with the toys first?"

So we had Mac'n'Cheese for dinner and then cake. Purple was actually a good choice because it is the only color that Tim can say.

Tim didn't get a full nap today so on the one side you see his irritated look and then I finally got him to smile. The poor thing ran into a book shelf and the bookshelf won and left a mark on his face.

Picking at the cake....

I guess it was good. He couldn't get it in fast enough. I guess it was good.

He loved this car. It's a Lighting McQueen, that you shake and it goes by itself. It ended u going to bed with him lucky you can turn it off)

This was a game that I found that looked like fun for all the boys, "Elefun" It was so fun, and the boys had a really fun time. You put the little 'butterflies' in the trunk of the elephant and turn it on and the butterflies fly up and you try to catch it in the nets. Tim liked watching them fly up but then pick them off the ground. James and Tommy ran around trying to catch them in their nets. It was a fun time with the 4 of us.

(as a side note.... I opened all the presents and took them out of the boxes and put in batteries and stuff that way at least the tears won't be because I'm taking to long to get it out of the box I'm totally doing that for Christmas. Do it all ahead of time.)

Happy Birthday Tim we all love you!!

{Steve is in Afghanistan now and is safe}


The Scott Family said...

What a great birthday! I love how you write about your kids. He sounds like a special, sweet, tough, determined, wonderful little guy!

Rachel said...

Oh so funny, I totally remember the first time I went back to church...you were the first person to talk to me and introduce yourself! Thanks for that too because I was a little nervous going back without Josh :) anyway that day was the day you told me about tim, I felt so bad! Now look at him, he is healthy that's for sure :) I totally thought you put mac and cheese on top of his cake when I saw the picture!lol!!! Hope your family is doing great!

laurdacooj said...

happy birthday tim! And.. bummer for your legs... dang running, I guess you'll need to come kick box it up with us girls for safety reasons:). Have a fun weekend!... see you Friday at picnic time!

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