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Saturday, November 15, 2008

P is for Party

We celebrated James' Birthday today. His birthday not for a couple weeks yet, but poor James always gets jipped on his birthday. (more on that another time) Having it early was a good thing because the weather was great!! Now this is the first "real" party that I have thrown for the boys, so I was pretty nervous. But I think it went well.


I made cupcakes for the party. (Easier to take outside) Look how great they look!

James wanted a "Hot Wheels" birthday so one of the activities that we did was painting cars. Here is the cars sitting nicely before craziness happens.

I made some cars out of boxes for a game of Red Light/Green Light and here they are all lined up ready to go.

And here are the cupcakes again. I know you're thinking "why are we seeing the cupcakes again?" Actually this is only half the cupcakes.... the DOG ate the other half!!!!!!!!! (it totally deserved 9 exclamation points) I was wrapping presents with Tommy and Tim, I heard a noise and then I saw Captain running out. I turn and look and HALF of the cupcakes are gone!!! I go outside and of the 8+ cupcakes that he had eaten there was only one wrapper that was on the ground, AND I was missing a candle! Oh, I was so mad! I grabbed Captain by the scruff of the neck and drug him inside. Tim is crying because Captain is in trouble. Now I'm plagued with what to with the dog. I can't have him in the house (Chocolate cake and this dog just ends in a mess) and I can't have him in the backyard because that is where we are going to be. So I tied him up on the side of the house. My great friend and neighbor was a huge help as I was having a meltdown. Priscilla made another batch of cupcakes for me and brought them over before we sang to James.
What is a birthday party with out a crisis of some sort??

Here are the boys painting the cars. This actually was a big hit. And after I got the spilled paint cleaned up (Thanks Tommy) it was really fun.
We had english muffins pizzas for lunch. I think all the kids just liked playing with the food and eating the cheese.

Here is where it got fun. Here are the "cars" that I made, the boys all had a great time with these. It was funny watching all the boys trying to run in the boxes (especially when they tip over)
Here is James fun running down the grass.

And Tommy having a great time. He was so funny to watch because the box was almost bigger than him.

James in a box. (to bad they are to small to put the kids in.... I'm sure Steve could use the company)

James blowing out his candles, he had help from every boy that was there. You can see the white ones that Priscilla made, and the dark one that I did. It was going to say "Hot Wheels" but that was before the Captain incident.

Tim enjoying a cupcake. And you can see that he also enjoyed painting. I don't know how he always manages to paint his face.

In the end it didn't really matter what I had planned the boys just liked playing together. Note to self... don't work so hard on the games.... just let them play.
And last but certainly not least...
Again he had lots of help with this. James has some great friends and they were all willing to make sure that James got all of those presents open.
He got a scooter (from us) which he has loved and is getting really good at it.

He got a helmet (from us) that he didn't want to take off. And walkie talkies which he and Tommy loves.

Some Hulk hands. James likes these but we had to have a talk about not hitting the brothers we'll see how well these go over. He also got a transformer (from the brothers) and a set of Kinexs

And he got a Pogo Ball. Do you remember these? I do and I loved them!! James is working on getting better at this.
It was a fun day. It's a good thing that birthdays come around only once a year. I can't believe that I have a 5 year old! (At least in a couple weeks). It's been hard to let go of him as a toddler and see him as a boy, but it's been a great journey so far. Happy (early) Birthday James. I love you!


Lucy said...

What a cute, fun, party idea!

Camie said...

Looks like it was a big hit! Sorry about the cupcake incident! Beyond that, I'm sure is was a huge success. What a great Mom!

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

Wish I was invited!!!:) That party rocked! I love it. Give James a hug from me. Happy Birthday to a FIVE year old. Holly cow!

Emily said...

What a fun birthday party!! I'll have to remember the boxes as "cars" for red light/green light someday if I have boys!

P.S. My word verifcation for this comment is "cakeyow"...I think its appropriate for a party where the dog ate the cupcakes! haha!

The Garside Clan said...

Ah, Garrett has those hulk hands. They are really fun, I have just as much fun getting him back too.

Jen said...

Captain is a total cake WHORE! We all remember the cake he devoured at my house and the poop that ensued. Unfortunately, the rug that Steve bought had to be thrown out when my own little animal pooped all over it during a particularly difficult bought with a stomach virus. Kids. Dogs. Cake. Poop. All synonyms for me. Looks like fun!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Great party! Love those cardboard box cars! Hope your dog recovered from eating all those cupcakes. Dogs and chocolate don't mix.

Congrats on your SITS day!

Anonymous said...

What a cute party!

And my dogs have totally done similar things....oy!

Joy said...

What an awesome party you threw! Great photos. The kids looked like they had a blast. And I love how you made the stuff for the game, and had the boys paint the cars themselves.

Congrats on your SITS day!

Jessica Nunemaker said...

Our oldest son turned 4 last July. So hard!

...I would have absolutely freaked out if something like that had happened to me, the dog vs. cupcake incident. Thank goodness for great neighbors!

Caroline said...

Mmmmmmm! Cupcakes! Looks like a fun party!

Jenn said...

Even with your best efforts the plans never go off as you hoped, but it is the unplanned stuff they seem to love the most!
Awesome job!

Kimmy C said...

Ooooo!!! Gotta love the dog! :)

Happy SITS Day!

Serendipity said...

I have lost many a cake to the dog!

2busy said...

That naughty dog! I guess you could say he probably got what he deserved. Upset stomach?

You put on quite the party! Way to go mama...

Stefanie said...

What great pictures!!! looks like a terrific party - missing cupcakes and all :)

Happy SITS Day!

Angelia said...

Omygosh!! I can't believe that silly dog. I know it's funny now, but at the time ahhh!

Melissa said...

Wow! You threw a really awesome birthday party! Thank goodness you had a wonderful friend that was able to make cupcakes on the spur of the moment! Dogs!

Pam said...

Looks a wonderful and creative party. The best kind. My dog would have done the exact same thing. Ugh!

Karen said...

that was on creative birthday party!

that is something my dog would do, thankfully he is short and can't reach the table.


Christy said...

Dog ARE just like boys - they hardly every learn! Just found you through SITS! And this party looks fabulous!

tattytiara said...

Looks like a good time! Don't feel too bad. I remember the year my mother made a birthday cake for herself and the dog ate it. That's double sad - making your own cake and losing it to the dog!

Unknown Mami said...

Obviously you are an awesome mom. I love the cars made out of boxes.

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