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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Perfect Pomegranate Day

The other day I was grocery shopping with Tommy and Tim, while we were picking out some fruit Tommy picked up a pomegranate and asked what it was. I told him it was a pomegranate and that it was a funny fruit that you have to crack open to eat. I decided to buy a couple and take a walk down memory lane with the boys.

When I was growing up I lived for a couple years in a little town between St.George and Las Vegas called Logendale. We lived on Anazazi and this street really didn't believe in fences. Well they did but it reall was only to keep any lifestock in. The kids ran through all the yards playing up and down the street. Right next to us was the Hatch family. And not only did they have a basketball court and horses in the backyard there was also pomegranate bushes. I'm sure every neighbor kid got scolled from Jolene for picking the pomegranates. The rule was you can pick them if they were cracked open but NOT before. So as we walked through the their yard to get to the bus stop we'ld stop to check the bush and then again when we got home, usually finding a couple that were cracked.

Eatting this fruit totally takes me back to that and I thought I would share it with the boys.
They were really unsure about eatting it

Once Tim got a taste of it he didn't want to put it down. And he really didn't care about the seeds. Can you see that bright red juice dripping down his hands.

Tommy thought spitting out the seeds was so fun. Later he was planting the seeds to grow more pomegranates. (He was rather disapointed when he woke up the next morning and there were no pomegranates)

James is usaully aprehensive about trying new things but again the idea of spitting seeds was what drew him in. I got "cool" points for being able to spit more than one seed at a time.

It was a great afternoon and I love shareing moments like these with the boys. It has (finally)started to turn cold, so this was a great way to end our summer.


Lucy said...

We LOVE pomegranites!! Totally mix it up with a cut up fresh pineapple and you have such a YUMMY salad.

Telisse and Kade said...

Way yum! Kade was a little reluctant the first time he tried it as well. I enjoy them and it is definatley the season for them. How fun to eat them off a bush for you though. I remember my parents telling me when I had them when I was young that they would stain anything and everything! Great memory!

Bank On It said...

Hey Leah! How are you?!? I like your pics-James looks like a spittin' image of you! What's been going on?

Diane said...

Looks like a fun afternoon. We are so glad you share your lives with us. We miss you!!!

Our Crazy Life said...

How fun! My son calls them...pom-o-gramits! LOL! It is the season for them right now, they are everywhere, and we like to stop around people's yards and take some every now and then...we are sneaky! LOL!

Erin said...

How fun! I love the pictures too. Wow, you are talented. I'm glad you are all doing well!

swalberg family said...

Great pics Leah! My parents have a pot of them that grow all summer long (on a 6 foot bush) but I haven't had my boys try them yet...

Camie said...

You do auch a great job at taking pictures and your boys are the perfect little models!

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