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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Toys for all ages

When we found out that our first child was going to be a boy what do you think went through Steve's head? "Our last name will continue?" "I now have a buddy to go camping with?" "Ha, now we out number the girls in the family?" "Great.... in 7 years I won't have to mow the lawn any more?" No, no, no, and no. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the first thought that goes through a father's head with his first son will be..."Bring on the TOYS!"

Steve was so excited that our first was going to be a boy and was rather disappointed when I wouldn't let him buy action figures when James was 6 months old. He saw great father son bonding time, and I saw potential choking hazard.

See when our men grow up they don't really. And all of them look forward to teaching their boys all about GI Joe and He-Man. That's why having a boy is so great, they get to buy all the toys that they a) had great memories with b) never got or c) blew-up, buried, lite on fire, or in any other way they destroyed and wish they hadn't. I think the eyes of our men get just as big as those of the sons when the paper comes off the gift that is a classic toy.

James got a set of Kinex for his birthday, and today I sat down with James and helped him put together a cement mixer. I was so fun, and I understand why the husbands enjoy it so much. As I was sitting with James, and Tommy and Tim were helping to find the right piece, or building with other Legos I got a little sad. Steve should be here for this. This should have been his moment. This was something he was looking forward too. Being able to play with things that he loved as a child and show his son how to work it. So this moment is for you, Steve.

Don't worry Sweetie, I foresee many buckets of Kinex in our future, and 3 boys that are going to need your help to build something huge. As for the action figures...bring them on.


Lucy said...

K-nex, are one of Colson's ALL TIME favorite toys, and one of my least favorite... We find them EVERYWHERE!!

kara said...

thank you for your sweet comment, leah :). the blogging world is too much fun :). happy you came across my cupcake blog :).

swalberg family said...

Oh so true! Adam is the best present buyer for our boys! I always think it seems silly, and maybe they won't like the present he picked- but they LOVE them... ALWAYS! I guess they just understand those little boy brains better!

Nikki said...

Another good post Leah! It's true they seem to be a male thing. It was funny to read your post because John and I were talking yesterday and he said I can't wait to have a room to myself so that I can have a LEGO village to myself. We had a good laugh. Thanks for all your posts and ideas!

Camie said...

You take such great pics Leah! I love the angles you use. Have you ever thought of taking a photography class?

laurdacooj said...

I totally agree, but in our case, it's me who wants all the toys:). I love the cupcakes, thankgoodness for your sweet neighbor!
Thanks again, Jackson had a great time!
Hey- what is that scrapbook/ blog address again? I'm finally ready/ brave enough to try to print off my blog:)
Happy Monday!

Alicia said...

It's so true that men never outgrow the toys. Joseph bought a hot wheels track for himself... but shares it with the boys. Kinex is a toy I think they would really love too.

Emily said...

Knex was a little behind my times, but I know that my dad still loved to play with legos with my brother and I! :)

You were right above me in roll call today...hope your Monday was great!

Anonymous said...

Oh..you are so right. Christmas shopping is 1/2 what toys Dad wants and 1/2 toys the child wants.
No matter how far away Dad is, Dad's are always with us, aren't they?
I very much admire both of you Leah.

Emily said...

Okay, call me super slow....because I didn't realize that your hubby was in Afghanistan....Holy Smokes. Okay, this officially makes you amazingly amazing...more amazingly amazing then before, when I thought you were amazing for having 3 BOYS!! And I thought waiting for a missionary was hard! Girl, you are somethin' else! How do you do the things you do?!!

I love your photography skillz, by the way!

Telisse and Kade said...

That is soooooo true! Way fun post..... Check out the website www.fatbraintoys.com its GREAT! They have a lot of the originals.

The Scott Family said...

This is so sweet and so sad. AWESOME picture!

sassy stephanie said...

Your babies are precious! My soon-to-be 8 yr old is dying for Kinex!

Thanks for sharing in my SITS day with me!

Veggie Mom said...

My SIL has FOUR boys, and they are a HANDFUL! We have the opposite in my house...Hubz is the only he-man. Even the critters are girls! Hey, I'm over from SITS, and I'm making the rounds. Gotta Great Giveaway over at my place...please stop by when you can!

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