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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh, Turkey Day

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. Mine was good. I had the grand opportunity to cook my FIRST turkey. My neighbor was going to fry it but I couldn't find any oil. I checked everywhere, and Sierra Vista was completely sold out of peanut oil.

If you have never touch a turkey, it's well.... gross. I found you can't really work with a turkey with out getting in there and touching it all over. I have decided that Steve can forever be in charge of the turkey. I don't like touching it.

However.... I did a do a pretty good job. I put it in a brine over night. And made a huge mess getting it out and getting it ready and stuff. I put onions, oranges, green peppers, garlic and lemon juice. Weird I know, but it was good.

Look how pretty.....

I thought I was doing so good ready to give myself a huge pat on the back when it was pointed out to me that I left the bag of giblets in. I pulled the neck out, and I knew there was suppose to be a heart and liver and stuff, I looked and looked but I didn't really know what I was looking for and totally missed it. I guess that's why they make the bag bake proof.
Yup, there it is, the bag of giblets.

Along with the turkey I made some green beans. Just fresh green beans, I think green bean casserole is gross. (sorry to all who like it) And I made some mashed cauliflower. It was really good. I should have blended it to make it smoother, but other than that, it fooled all the kids who ate it like mashed potatoes. I also made a pumpkin pie. My neighbor made all the other fixings that come with Thanksgiving.
I had good food and good company. The boys were great (most of the time) We talked about what were are thankful for and James was thankful for "chilie, because it's yummy." Tommy on the other hand.... I asked Tommy what he was thankful for and he said, "I'm not thankful today" What to you say to that? (Back to the drawing board on teaching gratitude.)
Later that night we watched "Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown" it's a totally classic. I love the Charlie Brown holidays and I love sharing those with the boys.
Last but not least....dun, dun, dunnnnn. Here is a front view of my new hair cut. I did take pictures of the front of my new do earier, but I looked stoned (I wasn't) so I took another one myself.
(I hope you can see it.)

So there you go.


Ariella said...

We did a Turkey brine, too. We, as in Adam, but that's ok. :)

Love the hair!

Rachel said...

lOl, Leaving in the gibblets...thats totally something I would do! lol!!! I'm getting my turkey ready to soak in the brine in just a few minutes...It's my first too and I'm totally nervous...Poor Jen will most likely recieve a few phone calls from me tomorrow :) Happy Turkey Day a few days late!!! :)

Lucy said...

Love the hair!

And turkey day is enough to make me vegetarian, I tell ya! URGH!! I totally did the same thing with a turkey once! :)

Steve and Katie said...

totally love the hair! Its way cute. Miss ya!

Eliza said...

I also like the hair. Very cute! Happy Thanksgiving! Miss you tons!

georgie said...

your hair is super cute...I just got 6inches whacked off mine lol and it's not nearly as cute as yours!

I was LOL@leaving the bag inside the turkey ONLY because I have done this! so I can relate

I noticed your from sierra vista...my Uncle Tex is from SV and we were there in June to help him pack up his house so he could sell it...Sierra Vista is such a BEAUTIFUL town! and your so close to Tombstone which I also LOVE to visit!

lastly stoppin by from SITS to say hi...sorry bout the blog-vella in your comment section lol

Camie said...

Congratulations on the turkey. I've yet to make one on my own, but I bought one and will attempt making it for Christmas.

Love the hair cut.

Emily said...

Wow...and you even know how to cook a turkey! Guaranteed...I would've done a lot worse than just leaving a little bag of giblets inside.

Your hair looks perfect! YOu are such a cutie pie!

Take Care!

Jen said...

I'm telling you - short hair is intoxicating. Thinking about doing it myself before I see you in a little over a month!!! I'm not going to send birthday/christmas presents in the mail. I'll just bring them down instead. Save me postage and besides - presents on a Wednesday are way better.

Congrats on the turkey - leaving the giblets in - almost did that with a fried turkey one year. That may have set the monterey house on fire.


Diane said...

So glad you finally found your giblets. They just added a special flavor to your turkey. Good job, the dinner looked great!!
Love the hair!!! You look BEAUTIFUL!!! Miss you!. Give the boys a big hug and give Tommy a couple of kisses for me.

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