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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What do you mean I've been Tagged?!

I have been TAGGED! So here I go...........How To Play This Game of Tag:Post these rules on you blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

My joys....

1} My family! I have been blessed with incredible kids and the best husband a girl could ask for. On top of all of that I have great parents and brothers and sisters (and all there husbands and wives). We actually like each other when we get together. And I a great sister-in-law...Michelle.
2}I'm so happy to be able to sty home with the boys. Even on the days that I just want to pack them in a box with a juice box and fruit snacks and send them away, the day usually ends better than is began and I'm happy to be a part of that.

3}Good friends. The kind that let you and you kids come over in jammies and feed you all, let you veg. all day because it's been one-of-those-days (and it's only 8:00 in the morning). The kind that it's ok to call in the middle of the night because you kid won't potty train and your in tears and just need to talk to someone. And the kind that are willing to help in anyway, and do it happily.

(4}I LOVE listening to the boys giggle and laugh, there really is nothing better than children laughter!)

My fears.....
1}I HATE bugs! Even worse than that I hate to squish them. so I either vacuum them up (yes I know they probably crawl out but I don't want to think about it OK) or I'll put them in a zip lock bag and throw the bag away (because they can't get out) or I'll make Steve kill them. Anything with bugs is gross!!

2} I'm really scared of heights, but I love a good thrill. So I'll make myself climb up to look around and then just be terrified going down.

3} Kinda along with that one roller coasters.... like I said I love a thrill but I'm totally convinced that the roller coater is going to break while I'm on it. Or the strap will come undone or something like that.

My goals....
1} To finish the marathon I'm running in December.

2} To get my Bachelor's degree, (in Marketing) it will probably take me forever because I'm just going to do one class at a time but eventually

3} To learn how to take really god pictures.... and maybe one day charge for services

My obsessions/collections
1}I love a good bargain!!! I will search around to find it, particularly with grocery shopping. Since I no longer have privileges at the commissary, I look at adds and cut coupons and wait for the sale so I can get canned corn for 25 cents.

2} I love scrapbooking stuff. I don't use it as much as I collect it but I love having it for that "just-in-case"day. In my defence I have been using more than I am buying.

3} I collect things and books to be more organized. Steve makes fun of me because I have more "helps" and "how-to's" and our house is still not organized. (But I do know where everything is)

My little known facts.....
1} I love cafeteria food!!! there is something so good about all the choices! I think the Army DFAC is the best.

2} I'm a totally slob. You would never know by coming into my house because I keep it clean, but don't look in my closet, on my side!!! Steve has everything lined up and straight, and I just have close piled up and shoes all over the place.

3} I've seen Cars so many times I could recite the whole thing myself (when I play it in the car on trips I just listened and "watch" the movie in my head. Ice Age 2 I have never seen the whole thing through but have heard it enough to recite that one as well.

Ok, so here are the people I tag. My sisters...(Carolyn, Erika, and Eliza) The YaYa's, Alicia, Lucy, and Ariella.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Only at my House

So we had a pretty mellow week, that is until Friday came around. They repaved the road in front of our house. I was watching a couple extra boys and they all had a kick watching the workers. I didn't get any pictures, it was kinda hard to take pictures and hold Tim at the same time. He kept trying to run into the road. The last thing that I need was to explain why Tim was now a part of the asphalt in front of our house.

After I brought the boys back in the house and I put Tim down, really for only a minute and this is what happen.
I keep trying to tell Tim that waking up at 5:00 AM is not a good thing, but I guess he would rather chance falling asleep on the kitchen floor.

Later that day, my friend Amy took Tommy and James to her house to play with her kids. When they were playing Tommy fell of the swing and ate the rocks pretty bad.

He was happy after he got his car band aide on his face.

Saturday we went to the community center for some of the free stuff they had going on (what is better than free?) There was a Fire Truck that the boys got to climb into. They really like that.
The boys even got to shoot the fire hose. When James heard this he took off and picked up the hose and started to spray it. It pushed him back and he fell on his butt. I didn't get a picture of that. (That would have been a good one.) But here is a picture of Steve and Tommy shooting the fire hose.
There was a little petting area with goats, chickens, ducks and rabbits. The boys had so much fun touching all the animals. The goat kept picking at James and Tommy kept trying to feed the baby chicks pieces of hay. Neither of the boys wanted to touch the cow.

There was a bounce house that was a huge hit. Fortunately we got there early enough that the boys had a great Tim with out it being too crowded. And yet again Tim was too small to get in. Oh well, his time will come. I don't think he really cares right now anyway.
The last thing the boys got to do was to play in the SWAT vehicle. That was actually kinda cool. And leave it to James to have to touch the buttons,(he is his mother's child) because next thing we know the siren is going off.

It was a good day. As we were leaving the boys saw cation cones. So the of course they want to tip them over. And each time Steve put one back up the boys would knocked another down.
Oh the joys of childhood, where everything can be turned into a game.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I have a couple friends... EmilieAn who has Thoughts On A Boob, (TOAB) because she is nursing all the time, and.... she got knocked up again (yeah for you Em) so she will be spending lots of time nursing another baby.
And Jen... who has Thoughts In The Shower (T.I.T.S.) but then changed it to Thoughts While In The Shower (T.W.I.T.S.)
Well I have Thoughts In My Head (T.I.M.H.) Mostly just random thoughts that pass by, so I since I don't really have much to share I'll share my T.I.M.H.'s with all of you.

First, do you realize that humming bird eggs would make teeny tiny sunny side-up eggs.

Next, the Twilight books. I love reading about all you grown women (you know who you are) who have read, are reading, and waiting for the movie. I think it's great that this teen-age novel has captured the heart and soul of so many. (do you catch the sarcasm) No I haven't read it. I know "can't knock it 'til you try it" but really a ninety year old vampire who falls in love with a seventeen year old girl.... does any one see the problem here? (thanks Jen) And why is this guy reliving high school? Is there anyone out there who would HONESTLY want to relive high school?

Have you ever wondered why on the days that you look so hot... you know, actually do you hair and make up, and put on a nicer shirt, that those are the days that it's so windy!

Do you ever think that your kids will remember all the crazy things that you say. Here are some of the things that I say quite often (Jen's are way funnier than mine)
  • Boys come out of the closet!
  • We all know that Tim pooped, please go do something else.
  • Tommy, are you bleeding? Are you broken? Then you're ok.
  • Tim, you are not allow to take yourself for a walk out side.
  • Cars do not fly. Keep them out of the air.
  • You'll probably find what ever you are looking for under the couch.
  • Tommy, your shorts are backwards and your shoes are on the wrong feet.
  • Why did we think this was a good idea?
  • I really don't think Captain did that.
  • No, I'm sure Captain didn't open the door.
  • Please stop coloring on you brother, the crayons are for paper only.
  • Who is the mom?

Anyway that's my T.I.M.H. for now. I'm sure we'll have an interesting and eventful week. (we always do)

Monday, April 14, 2008

How fast they grow.

I haven't had a chance to post this yet but it's official, Tim is in nursery AND I'm not pregnant! This is the first time in 4 years (did you hear me ...4 years) that I get to go to Relief Society by myself! It's so nice to get to listen during Sunday School and Relief Society. I don't have to keep a child from playing the piano, running away, pulling the table clothe off the table, crawling under all the chairs,(James got his head stuck in a chair once, that was a joy) and going through diaper bags and purses. (Yes, between the 3 kids we have experienced it all)

The weird thing is with Tim is that when we moved here he was still so tiny and little, he still looked like a preemie. And now, he's running amuck. He's just grown so fast!
This weekend there was a carnival so we took the boys to that. We went early so there wouldn't be any lines or anything. Boy, oh boy carnivals are a major rip-off! It was 10 tickets for $10! And each ride was at least two tickets. But it was so much fun.

The first ride the boys did was the Super Slide. Steve went up with the boys, and tried sliding down with James and Tommy. It didn't work out like that. James tried waiting but then he went down by himself. I was proud of him that he went alone.

Tommy on the other hand had a death grip on the top of the slide and it took Steve and the guy at the top to get Tommy to let go and go down the slide.
(Do you see how Tommy is holding onto Steve)
Tommy was NOT going to do this thing again. Fortunately things got better after this when we went to the kiddie rides. Steve took them on the Merry-go-Round, and they really liked that.
Unfortunately, Tim wasn't able to get on any of the rides. but I did get some pretty good pictures of him.

The boys rode a couple trains and a dragon (think Dumbo from Disneyland). But the dragon ride was really short because Tommy thought hanging out was funner than staying in the ride. But by far the favorite of the day was the two car rides that they went on. Each time they chose the Jeep and loved "driving" around. James really like the idea that he was driving, and I think Tommy just enjoyed being along for the ride. It was a beautiful day, and we had a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun watching the boys have such a good time with all the sounds and colors and stuff. It was hard to pull them away from it all. {Note to self, empty piggy banks so we could do more at the fair!}

Friday, April 11, 2008

NKOTB......There back!!

Ok if you were a girl between the ages of 9-15 years old you knew about the New Kids on the Block, and probably liked them. Don't deny or try to hide it you know you did. I'll admit it, I had shirts, posters, pillow cases, and cassette tapes. (yup, I said tapes). Well they are planning a come back tour. And they are looking good. I guess we all grow up.

(Just so you know I've grown out of this, but talk about total flash back!!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

About me

I have found that I love blogging. because of it I have gotten back in contact with so many friends. I love the convenience of staying in touch with out the mass emails or feeling guilty that I'm busy and cant email everyone individually like I would like to. I also like clicking on a blog of one of my friends and find two others on that they have on theirs. I feel so blessed to have so many friends.

Now since I have been getting back in contact with so many I thought I would do an update of what has happen since high school, since this seems to be where life really started for me. So here we go.

After graduation I work through the summer and then went to ITT Tech. I got my associates degree in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD). Right before I graduated from that I met Steve. Where did we meet you ask... on the internet. Yup, it works. He posted a personal add and I answered it. We dated for 3 months and then we got engaged. 3 months later we were married. (I know, I know, that's a long time for us Mormons).

We were married a year and a half (during which I did some residential drafting in Utah) when Steve joined the military. It was after 9-11 and he felt a duty to serve his country. He went to Basic Training, and then we moved out to Monterey California, so Steve could learn Persian Farsi. If you have never been there this needs to be a place that you see. While we were there we met some wonderful people who to this day we still keep up with. There is something about the military that binds friends together. I promise there is no place in the world that you will meet the nicest, most sincere, most giving people that in the military community. {Enlisted...ie:poor, military community} While we were in Monterey I work as a commercial drafter for another year and a half before we had James. James was the most beautiful baby when he was born. No really, he was 9lbs. 10oz. (22 1/2 inches long)and FAT he was already so round and chubby from birth. We were in Monterey for almost 2 years. (almost) When we came to Sierra Vista, Arizona. We were in Arizona for 4 months so Steve could learn how to be an interrogator. While we here there we got pregnant with our second child. James was only 6 months. Ya, Ya, I know what you are thinking, but really... I was still nursing and I only saw Steve once a week so go figure on that one. After his 4 months of training he was done so we headed back to Utah. We stayed with some friends of ours until we figured out where we were going to live. Now picture 4 adults 1 child and a dog (both the child and the dog were ours) Not so bad but now picture both women pregnant and husbands who just found out they were getting deployed. We were back in Utah fro 3 days when Steve got the call that they were going to deploy. Needless to say there were tons of hormones and tears going around that small two bedroom apartment. (I still think we could have made a mini series from that) So we quickly found a place to live.

Steve was gone for a total of 14 months. During which I had Tommy our second child. Weighing in at 8lbs 8oz he was a light weight compared to James. Steve wasn't there for the birth but did come home 3 months later for he 2 weeks R&R. I'm sure it was weird for him to come home and have a child that was rolling around and not to have met him yet. Right before Steve came home for good I bought a house. I'm going to tell you this part because I'm so proud of it. I found the house and pushed to close before Steve got home (no he didn't even get to see a picture of house before he came home) Here is how the time table went. I closed on the Thursday, painted on Friday, moved in on Saturday, and picked Steve up from the airport on Sunday. All with two kids in tow. I totally gave myself a pat on the back for that one. And yes Steve liked the house.

We were in that house in Roy for a year and that is the place that I call "home". We found out we were pregnant (yet again) (and we have since put a stop to this problem) not long after Steve came home from Iraq. And Tim decided that he was done cooking at 30 weeks and made his way into the world. He was our "Tiny Tim" at only 3lbs. 7 oz. He was in the NICU for 7 (long) weeks. And then came home with oxygen, and some other monitors. Steve was employed full time for the Army National Guard so we were on military benefits. Which was good because Tim was a $250,000 baby!!

Now at this point if you are keeping track, or even if your not... our babies were really close together. Between James and Tommy is 15 months and between Tommy and Tim is 18 months. So yes, for two months I had 3 under 3. Crazy I know.

We were in Utah for a year before moving {again} back to Arizona. So now we are in Sierra Vista again. We have been here for a year and I'm getting ancy to move again, although I am really hoping we make it to 2 years. That would be the longest we've ever been in on place. I now do drafting for a surveyor in our ward, and I'm a happy stay at home mom. I've decided that my new title is Domestic CEO. There are no more children in the works (so all you crazies out there can stop asking) and we are happy. Our home is our little piece of heaven.

I love the chaos that life hands out and am ready to take it on full force. So that is me.... I figure I blog so much about all the boys that I should get at least a little something.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Out with the OLD, and in with the NEW!

My birthday was the end of March... (the 28th to be exact, and I'm still accepting gifts of any kind, and will be for the next year or so) Anyway I've been telling Steve that wanted a new camera. The little one that we had was taking blurry pictures. It was taking a long time to load up and then to store the picture. It was one of those things that I would take a picture, and then the look I wanted, or the boys were being cute (finally) and by the time the camera laded up the moment (or the boys) were gone. So here you go.

The old.

And now the NEW!!!

It's a Nikon 40D camera. And I LOVE it. It's nice to see something and have it come out in the pictures that I'm taking. So here are some that I have been taking.
Here are the boys playing in a fort of blankets under a table.

I loved taking pictures before this, but now I think I'm obsessed! You'll be seeing a lot more pictures. (like you haven't already.)

Ok, so I love a bargain!! I found little plastic Tee Ball sets for $1.50 after Christmas and I bought them to save for the warm days. Well we've hit them so I got them down for the boys. I took a ton of pictures but this was the best one, and totally tells a story of accomplishment.

Here is Steve flipping pizza for our "Pizza and Movie Friday"

Those that knew Steve in Utah could call him Farmer Brown. Well, he's at it again. With our small yard we had to be really creative with planting. So we have tomatoes in planter in the front yard, and just one row in the back yard. This includes peas, peppers, and corn. With a pumpkin in one corner and a watermelon in the other corner. Here are some pictures of my farmers.

So there you go. I'm so far from being anything professional but I like pretending to think I am. It was fum to watch the boys plan the garden. I hope we have a good growing season. I do know one thing that grows great in Arizona. Well maybe just in our neighborhood. And that is asphalt and cinder blocks. Yup, this is what Steve pulled out of the dirt!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dad, I want to FLY!!!

Ok, this is kinda dark but it's worth trying to see. Does any one else see the danger in this? I guess boys will be boys!

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