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Thursday, February 26, 2009

And the winner is...

Ok so first off I need to apologies for not getting back to you all on the winner of my contest. I really have been so busy, but I haven't forgotten. And thanks to a good friend, she made me get my butt up and draw a name. So after a very scientific, and random drawing we have a winner....
I will contact you this week and get your yoga stuff to you, and to show that I really am sorry it took so long I'm throwing in a pedometer.
I just got one and I love it!! It was 5 dollars at Walmart and it tracks not only my steps by my miles as well. And I've been walking 4.5 miles a day! And this is not like walking around the block this is just my day to day things. Up and down the stairs, vacuuming, walking around the grocery store. Every one should totally get one. You would be surprised at how much you walk!!

1 comment:

laurdacooj said...

yipee!!! woo=hoo! ok, so I really need your phone number- I had good house info for you today, and I want to come by and pick up the caastle from you... so many great Leah things:).. I'll see you tomorrow at school (hopefullY)
how is track coming along????
so... hopefully we'll get an offer in tomorrow:)... how do you like 4th ward? And, Jackson wants James to come over and play

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