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Monday, February 2, 2009

His AND Her Hobbies

What hobbies do you share with your spouse or significant other? I asked the same question about myself. I'm thinking.... Hummmmm, in 18 years {because that's when all the boys will be out of the house} what will Steve and I do? See he's not that into scrapbooking or crafting, and he's not a runner, at least that is, not unless someone bigger than him is chasing him... {and considering the fact that he is 6'4" there's not many bigger than he is}

And me.... well, I'm not into the whole computer game thing. And Steve can really work wonders in the garden and yard, and me.... I kill any plant if I even glance in the general direction of it. {The poor garden shriveled up and died when he left in May}

So we have his and her hobbies but things to do together... we have one! I discovered while he was gone, I found out that I really like shooting. So when he got back I got my first gun!! It's a 9mm {and it's really pretty, if a gun can be that} and I love shooting it! Steve and I went out this past Saturday and went shooting, and I did really good!!! Steve's a good teacher. I shot both his gun and mine. Mine is a little heavier, but it fits so much better in my hands.

{look real close and you can see the shell casing in the upper right side}
So, here is a question, what hobbies do you do together?


The Scott Family said...

Fun. I love shooting with Jason. You look really good. What a teacher! And, whoa-he's a BIG guy!

Mackey Family said...

I love to go shooting with Josh! I still have yet to get my own gun but when I do, you better believe it will be pretty! How fun!!

Camie said...

I love shooting. That's something both Chad and I enjoy doing. Actually we love doing anything and everything together.

Alicia said...

I went shooting once when I was 19...so I don't know if it would be a safe thing to do with me.
You know Joseph's hobbie is photography and mine is art...maybe if we worked it right that could be a hobbie we share.

The Blonde Duck said...

We play tennis, go shooting and go on drives.

Emily said...

So glad you are back together again. I think the only thing Joe and I have in common is the outdoors. We both like camping and being outside.

Pink Ink said...

That's awesome. I like shooting my husband's pistol, but not his rifle.

Mmm. Our hobbies together?

We ride horses.

I love arts and entertainment.
He loves the outdoors.

We compromise and try the other's hobbies occasionally.

Denise said...

I love shooting as well. We go with a few friends of our every so often and for me being a girl and rarely ever shooting a gun, I kick the boys butts.

Hmmmmm, other hobbies of ours. We don't really have much that we both truly like the same. I will have to think about it.

Bank On It said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one. You and I are so similar. I like scrappin' and stuff and Dan likes video games and improv. We've been shooting together in the past, but I like it more than he does (he's kind of a girl that way). Things we like to do together? Run (even though he's way faster than me) and have Wii bowling tournaments.

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