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Friday, July 17, 2009

Much ado about Facebook

My thoughts on Facebook...

I think I like Facebook. It's fun to see what others are doing through out the day, but really... do I have to know that you kid pooped 4 times that day??? I comment now and then and I try to make it meaningful, but I have a hard time with that because I'm a talker. For those that don't know, I seriously can talk for hours.... and I like it. I really like the phone and have the hardest time texting with it's so much easier to dial a number and say "Hello"

Anyways, the purpose for my rambling at 12:49 in the morning {why am I awake?} is to pose a question... What do you say to the person who remembers you, but you {for the life of yourself} can not remember them do you add them anyway? Ignore? Add them and then ignore them? What if they have been "searching for you" and "I'm glad I found you, you have a cute family." I'm feeling really bad because I have no recollection of this person. I'm searching through my memory bank and it's just not coming.

Ok... another dilemma... what if you want to be friends with someone {and KNOWS that this person stalks you blog} but doesn't want to be a Facebook friend? Do you write a note to them and list the reasons why you want to be friends.... deep down knowing that you just want to compare you life to theirs. {Admit it you all do it!! And yes people my kids are that pretty.}

So there you have it.... those are my question in the wee hours of the morning... and your answers would be greatly appreciated.


The Redhead Riter said...

Stopping by from SITS to give a little blog ♥

No note!!!!!

Dreamgirl said...

I like FB, but I don't really enjoy the constant status updates that some people make (I'm going to the grocerystore,I just brushed Jim's teeth, eating pizza for dinner...) Keep it interesting!

After I started blogging FB is becoming less and less interesting.. Now I mostly use it to advertise my blog;)

Just found you on SITS - hope your day is great! Please visit;)

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

I love those wee hours in the morning questions! Facebook is funny, I love it but I hate it. The thing that I don't understand is all of the egghunt things and I gave you a toy things? Oh well I still think you're the best person in the whole world!

Amy said...

I would totally ignore the person you don't remember. That's just one more person you have to read about. I'm all for keeping it simple.

As for the blog stocker not wanting to be friends... Apparently she's more interested in your life and can't compare to your fabulousness (is that a word?)so she doesn't want you to know the real her (or him). Not worth it.

Amy said...

I didn't mean to leave and come back, I meant to ask, whats SITS?, I see a lot of people "stopping by from SITS". Anyway, just being nosey.

Aimee said...

I don't accept friend requests from people I don't remember or I haven't met yet! I have accepted requests from people I went to school with years ago and haven't talked to in ages. One was really annoying though so instead of "unfriending" her I just hid her comments so now I don't have to read about her life everyday, but I didn't have to be rude and "unfriend" her.

Becky said...

You are not just a talker, you are definitly a "thinker" too, LOL! My goodness, these questions! Well, I will let you know that I am 100% with you on the texting thing! I have a 15 yo and it makes me CRAZY that she must text everyone to tell them everything. I'm like, "JUST PICK UP THE DARN PHONE AND CALL YOUR FRIEND, AND ASK HER WHAT TIME SHE WILL BE HERE?" (maybe it's that I'm secretely jealous that I cannot text near as fast or have no desire to really, but still...she's fast!)
Next, I am already in the same boat about seeing someone you are suppose to know but don't remember them. So I am the WRONGO person to ask! Because my response was to go along with "oh yeah! I remember you" and played nice in a conversation and thought I would just never run into her again. Nope...Karma has me run into her everywhere, and she always greets me with a HUGE grin, and HOWAREYOU! and I don't even know the freakin woman's name!!! It is past the point of embarrassment.

Ummmm.....I don't even know you, right?! Looong comment...sorry!
Thanks so much for stopping by today on my special day!!

Reviewer11 said...

I've heard that Facebook is great. Is it really?

From a SITSta. :)

Multiple personalities.. said...

Hi fellow SISTah! Yes, FB certainly does come with its share of "social" issues, from an overload of T.M.I.'s to the issue of "add or not to add", it can get a little aggravating. My suggestion for the person who wants to add you but you have no recollection of them, is to create a limited profile list on FB, and put them on it. This way you can prevent them from seeing your most private information (ie: email addy, phone #, even pics of you and your kids) until you're sure you know who they are. And if you find you still have no clue who they are after a few days, you can always delete them. I hope this helps!

Mama Mel said...

Multiple personalities has a good idea. You can also send "messages" to people who are not your FB friends and maybe that would help you get to know the person a little more before you friend them. :) Good luck! Have a great day!

Melissa said...

I only befriend people on facebook I know in real life. If I don't remember them, no friendship.

That's mainly because I use my FB for some blogging material lol. They'd kill me if they knew. I have to keep real life and blogging life separate for now.

Visiting from SITS

Melissa said...

I think you have to be careful online, especially with such cute kids. You wouldn't want some one dangerous to your family reading about all your activities. If you don't remember them, turn them down!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

If it makes it any better, most of my friends in FB are strangers which some of them became good virtual friends. Though I had one that I didn't want to be friends with for personal reasons but I gave in after a long while. Luckily, I was not "harmed". LOL. The choice is really up to the receiver of the invite. And yes , your kids are pretty! :)

Durante said...

I honestly don't love facebook, I'm not sure how much of myself I want to share with people who think they know who I am... or who I was. I prefer to be known as who I am but the only people on my friends list are the ones who "knew" me. I'll probably fix it. I accept friend requests from everyone I like, and if I kind of liked them then I toss a coin.

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