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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkins in Florida

We have found out the hard way that pumpkins in Florida have to be dealt with in a entirely different manner than other places.

On Wednesday {only 4 days before Halloween} we did a science project with the pumpkins before starting out and then we scraped the goop out. That's always the part that takes the longest so I thought we would get out of the way.

Later that evening we did the carving ...{be prepared for lots of pictures.}
Peeking to see what is inside

Time and his pumpkin face.

Tommy had a great time since he go to use the little knives. He really enjoyed pocking holes in his pumpkin.
James did his pumpkin all by his self and was quite proud. {I was happy that he still has all of his fingers}

What have we learned from this??? Wait until Halloween day to carve a pumpkin if you don't want mold to grow.
Yup.... there's mold in them there pumpkins.... and now James is really excited to watch them decay. I guess learning can take place in even the grosses things....

On an entirely different note.... look at these cute bags. I used the freezer paper to stencil a really cute picture for the candy bags. I really like the way they turned out!

I thought they turned out really cute! I'm trying to be crafty again... and this is great because it's so easy!!


Christy said...

Pumpkin carving is totally not my cup o' tea. I hate the goop, the mess and it ends up being the parents who finish it, with the kids then hating what the parents did anyway. But i love the finished products. I love gandering at other people's artwork. Oh, and I love the bags. What a great idea!

Aimee said...

Yea, we have the mold problem here in texas too!

Love the bags!

Debbie said...

Those bags did turn out great! And wonderful photos.

Emily said...

Your bags are cute! Our pumpkins were a little sad looking by the time Halloween rolled around, still a fun time!

Anonymous said...

The bags look so cute. Nice job. Did you cut out those detailed stencils yourself?

Frugal Vicki said...

I love those bags, they are super cute! My husband never has and never will "scoop the poop" as we say for the pumpkin guts.

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