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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

{Dirty Little Secret}

{Originaly posted August 28, 2008}

So, the husband has been in Afghanistan for almost a month, and well I couldn't wait. I'm letting you all know now so if you happen to pop in you won't be surprised. I'm having an affair. There I said it! Now you all know "my dirty little secret". And... well.... I'm sure many of you know these two, yes I said two..{wonderful} men as well.... Don't deny it, you know it's true. Let me introduce you to BEN & JERRY. So after I put the boys to bed I settle down into the couch and watch my TV shows or turn a movie on, and bring on the Ben & Jerry's. And boy - oh boy, they have been wonderful!

"Americone Dream"

'Imagine Whirled Peace" {two very appropriately named ice cream while the husband is over seas}
And who is the genius behind this??!! These smaller serving sizes are perfect!! And when all the dishes are dirty, they even come with there own little spoon.
I'm sure Ben & Jerry have made the rounds with the women... and they have won my heart. Sorry Sweetheart, I found a love while you are gone.

{Edited....The husband is now at home and safe. Ben and Jerry still frequent the house, just not as often. }


Jason and Claire said...

I remember reading this post when you originally posted it because I thought it was so cute! You're adorable;)

Emily said...

Hope things are going grand!

Love this post!

Be well!

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