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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Round 1....

{Originally posted Febuary 24, 2008}

In this corner we have Tim "The Tank" Grammer.... weighing in at a whopping 29 pounds!!! Known for taking on anything in his path (especially if he has his safety goggles on)

And in this corner we have... The Coffee Table! Coming in at about 35 pounds. Known to be a very rectangular guy...

There goes Tim he's weaving back and forth, the Coffee Table doesn't to be moving much but you never know with that kind of fighter. Look, Tim's on top it's looking like it's going to be a quick pin. OH NO!!!! Tim seems to be loosing his edge! No, no that's not it at all.... Looks like Tim caught the edge of the table. And the Coffee Table wins again.

Check back soon to see Tim "The Tank" take on the folding chair

And the bookcase, tag teaming with the plastic tote!

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Bec said...

Oh no! I hope he's feeling better now!

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