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Monday, August 9, 2010

Sometimes you have to laugh

{Orignally posted March 4, 2008}

I get the feeling sometimes that the Lord really does get a kick out of watching parents of children. Today all I could do was laugh. Tim once again got into the garbage. I thought it was going to be one of "those" days. But it got better. Look at the pictures to see what I get to laugh at everyday!

So Tim got the frosting out of the garbage! (and I have to be thankful that it was frosting and not anything else) but I didn't think it was so bad until he looked up at me.
Here is a close-up of this face!
I mean really... what are you suppose to do with this? So I just took some pictures and laughed as I cleaned him up.

And then there is James.... He LOVES instruments. He got a trumpet for Christmas that he loves to play songs on. And it is my "very important job" to sit and listen to him play songs.

And when we don't have the "right" instruments he uses what ever he can find. Here we have James singing "Scripture Power" playing the newspaper.

These next pictures are of James and Tommy being ghosts.

Did you notice the the ghost of Tommy has no pants? Sense he has been potty trained (a whole week now)when ever we are at home he takes his pants off and no one can find them. I guess I have to be happy that he at least keeps them on while we are out.

I love my boys, they make me laugh and cry, and I love them so much. Some days are "those" days and boy it would be nice to lock myself in my room and just sit, but those are the days that I get to listen to a pre-schooler play me a newspaper, and see for the first time a green-two headed- no pants ghosts lurking around my house, and a baby that sees no problem with eating frosting from the garbage.

I leave you with this next picture of Tommy, who really fell asleep like this. Have a happy day and watch out for those ghosts.

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