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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh, Tommy

{Oringally posted January 8, 2008}

And I thought I had nothing to blog about.... Then there was Tommy.

So the other night Steve and I were watching a movie ("Blood and Chocolate", it's about warewolves and I don't know if I like it. It's jut a different kind of movie, but it's definitely a B-list movie) anyways... We are about mid way through and Tommy comes down stairs. "Mom" he says... "My blanket is dirty" Ok, well I'm to tired right now so I let Steve take care of this. They go back upstairs to asses what has happened and I hear Steve ask Tommy what the mess was. Tommy answers "it's soap," then from Steve "Tommy it's everywhere!" Now I know there is not that much soap upstairs and I do that on purpose. I only keep a little in the pump and fill as needed for this exact reason. So I go upstairs, Tommy is still saying it's soap but it wasn't.... It was lotion! And it was indeed EVERYWHERE! All over Tommy's bed, on the floor, all over the bathroom and all over Tommy, who among other places lotioned his hair.
He tried to clean it up using the flushable wipes, and I'm assuming his blanket because he blanket was really wet with the stuff. The lotion bottle was on the dresser and I was confused as to how Tommy got it down, until I saw the stool next to the dresser. I guess he was board at 9:00pm, and since his brothers were sleeping I guess he thought he would entertain himself.

Steve asked Tommy why he was playing with the lotion, and Tommy says, "I don't know.... I so sorry Daddy" (it was really cute)

So with clean sheets, the carpet as clean as we could get it... a hug and a kiss we sent Tommy back to bed knowing the lotion would no longer be a problem because there wasn't anymore.

Oh, Tommy, we love you.

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