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Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Mom, my teeth are wet!!"

{Originally posted January 4, 2008}

We were getting ready to leave to run some errands and so I had James go potty while I put the other two boys in the car. All of a sudden hear "Mom! My teeth are wet!" I'm gathering everything up and trying to get us all out of the house so I'm just yelling back as I'm doing my thing. This is our conversation....

Me: "What teeth James?"
James: "MY teeth" (like I should know...) "They are wet!!!"
Me: "How did they get wet?"
James: "They fell in the water!" (everything is said with such exasperation)
Me: "James, what are you talking about?!"


James: "My teeth..... they fell in the water. But don't worry mom I got them out!"

At this point I run into the bathroom to (finally) see what is going on and James is standing with his pants around his ankles and the 'wet teeth' on the floor. Theses are the teeth....
And I have to say that at least James had enough sense to pull them out of the toilet before flushing it. Trying to explain that my sons teeth are in the toilet to a plumber would have been really funny.

*disclaimer.... ironically these pictures were taken before because I was going to post something different about these teeth but this was a much funnier story*
(Thank you to the Taylor's for the teeth)

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