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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A ham named Tommy

It's not even Christmas time yet and I have a ham already here. We have even named our ham... his name is Tommy. This boy is so funny!

Here are some funny things about Tommy:
*He has a secret lab that is filled with minions.... you heard that right minions!
*He has 1 million minions... and two rhinos.
*He writes notes to them daily... which I will post at a later date. But one note says that he will be gone for lunch and to keep working on the lab.
*He gets to the lab by the closet with the vacuum.... and when he goes in there he makes the noises of an elevator going up and down.
*Apparently his minions are messy and take the clothes out of his drawers.
*It's hard to see Tommy's eyebrows... And when asked about them he told me his eyebrows were in disguise.
*Another time he told me to "Feel the fur" on his eyebrows.
*He was afraid to ride a bike until his lego set came in the mail then he said... "I'm going to ride my bike"... and he did.
*He is a schemer and I will often hear him laughing to himself.

Tommy you make me happy and you definitely keep me on my toes!

{ps. Tommy please ask your minions to pick up after themselves}


Pyratess said...

I love it!!!Tommy, can you send your minions to my house one day to help me clean up?

Mamarazzi said...

minions...i love it!! what a creative kid!

Bec said...

Great picture of you two! I love your shorter hair. (Or maybe it just looks that way in the picture).


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