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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three for Thursday.... or Friday.

My good friend Evelyn has this thing.... Three for Thursday. There are three questions and you answer them... on Thursday. Well... mine are going up on Friday, because... this is my blog and I say so.

{by the way... I met Evelyn through a blog swap with the wonderful Mamarazzi. I have loved Evelyn from the moment I met her... on her blog. I love the world of the blog-o-sphere!!}

OK... and GO

Three wedding day memories...
1-I was late. There was traffic and I was 45 minutes late to my own wedding. Poor Steve, people kept telling him that I was coming.
2-We didn't have a reception. We took the money that was given to us for the wedding and used it for a honeymoon.
3-Our ceremony was the last one in the day so when we were getting our pictures taken there wasn't any other bride around.

Three guy movies that I actually like...
1-StarWars serise
2- The Borne serise
3- 2012

Three things that I will try to sneak into heaven...
1- FaceBook
3-Cinnamon Rolls.... {I like food!}

Three 4th of July traditions...
1- Giving the children burning phosphorus to wave around
2- Jello!
3- Eating

Three words that describe me...
1-Disorganized. {I'm working on it!}
2- I can't think of anything else....
3- Hey!!! it's midnight! give me a break!!

Three Favorite summer time desserts...
1- Ice Cream
2-Anything with strawberries
3- Popsicle

Three Fictional Characters that I would like to meet in real life...
1- The Steed Family
2-Anne of Green Gables
3-Damion Salvatore {vampire diaries :) }

Three group games I could play over and over again....
1-Fag Tag (So inappropriately named, but what else do you call it?? People stand in linked arm pairs in a circle. One person is “it” and has to tag another person who is running around. The running around person can link arms with any pair and the person on the opposite side of the new linked pair has to start running away from the person who is “it”. Of course if the running person gets tagged, they are “it” and the roles reverse.) 2-Signs (Everyone sits in a circle and each person has a self-created secret sign, such as scratching your head, patting your leg, winking three times, etc. One person stands in the middle as the circle passes their signs around. One person begins, slyly signs their own sign then passes it on by signing someone else’s sign. That person accepts it by signing their own sign and again passes it on by signing someone else’s sign. The person in the middle is trying to catch who has the sign before they can pass it on. If they catch the person before they pass it, that person is then “it”. Hilarious!) 3-The card game Skipbo

Three Favorite Summer time TV shows...
1-3 I hate reruns... I read or watch movies.

Three Pictures...

 My my... how he has grown!
 I don't know why I even bother to try to take pictures of them...
This is Tommy during his little graduation from Kindergarten to 1st grade.... that's my Tommy!

There you go.... some things you may never have known about me.


Sarah said...

I love the games--but I'm gonna rename fag tag before I teach it to my kids! How about twin tag?

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here. Thanks so much for joining in. LOVE that pic of the boys in the middle. It captures the essence of boys.

I'll give you a break if you did this at midnight. ;)

I love you too!! You *are* a kindred spirit!

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