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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A long flight!

Over Memorial Day I was able to take Benji and go to Utah to see my beautiful sister get married to a really great man. It was a wonderful day and the weather held out for her.

The day we left it was really nice here in Florida... blue skies, a bit warm but nothing to bad. Benji and I made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare.... {I still dislike TSA! apparently I profile as a terrorist... I got the full service treatment}

Benji and I made it to our gate and sat down to wait.

And wait we did!!!

While Florida was having beautiful weather, tornadoes were wreaking havoc in the Midwest. Although we weren't going to the Midwest the storm chain carried though to Atlanta.... and that's where our first leg took us too.

Benji did really well while were at the airport and he was able to toddle around. Now we were suppose to leave at 6:55pm. My thought was that he will ride the first leg and be some what content and then sleep the second leg. Well as 6:55 turned to 7:30.... then to 8:00.... I knew that plans were going to have to change.
He is happy while he can toddle around and is being fed.
I thought this was funny, I guess they think that having some rocking chairs makes it feel more like home when there are delays.

Finally at 8:30 we take off. And after a power nap while we were waiting Benji was ready to go once we got on the plane. He was happy enough but to be confined to my lap did not lent itself to a good time.

After the nice people entertained him for the duration of the flight... and many cheerios we finally landed.

Atlanta was a MESS!!!! It was kinda funny to watch all the people run from one place to another. Our flight was not going to leave for another 5 and a half hours!!! we just took out time as we had to walk across the entire airport to get to our next gate.

Once we made it to our gate we found a place to sit and wait.... and wait.

I did meet a really cool guy though! I never got his name but he just got a job to spend Google's money. What an awesome job!! I think I gave him some ideas to try so we'll see. So random guy that I met who flew from Atlanta to Chicago that stormy night... I hope all is going well with your cool job!
Benji was happy again once he had more cheerios. Our flight was pushed back again.... and finally at 1:30AM the wheels were up!! Fortunately on the long flight... 3 hours.... There was an empty chair so I was able lay Benji down once he finally fell asleep. Which I'm sure everyone was happy about. So I was suppose to fly into Salt Lake at 10:00pm... enough time to catch up with family and put the baby to sleep.... I finally walked out of the SLC airport at 3:10AM!!!

Man are you exhausted yet??? I am!

Fortunately for me the trip back was not that bad.

TSA was there waiting for me with open arms and ready to test the bottle that Benji was holding to make sure it wasn't explosive.

I thought this was funny, there is a smoking room in the SLC airport... the door was missing and there was just a rope across the door..... so I think they were missing the point
 The trip back was all made worth it because of these little guys. Ahh yes... the Cinnabon!!
 We made it home safe and sound... in one piece, and on time!
Life needs frosting!
{and maybe less TSA}

1 comment:

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Holy cow! That did make me tired just reading it.

Wait a sec...you were in UT and you didn't come visit?! Haha! I bet you were pretty busy with weddign stuff. I know how that goes.

I've never tried a Cinnabon...Maybe I better just stay away so I don't know what I'm missing out on. :)

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