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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've been so busy!

I have been so busy and it's only going to get worse.... I love it though. I work best when I'm busy.

I have been working on many projects around here, and just taking the time to relax a bit while Steve has a break.

I have been called into Primary as the Secretary, and I'm so happy to serve the Lord in this calling. I love being in with the kids and I hope I can help get things moving in a good direction before we leave. And it's fun seeing the boys in Primary singing and stuff... they are very enthusiastic singers!

I have been working out every night with a program called Insanity. Wholy Moly it is crazy!! Steve and I have been doing it along with some friends, Bryce, Brittni, and Jason. You don't want to come over after we are done, I have to turn on the fans and open the windows because of the sweat that has just happen! I'm really enjoying it. AND!!! I can now do 7 push-ups! {yeah me!}

Why am I doing Insanity you ask??? Good question. Steve and I... and our friends are going to run a race in December. The race is called the "Tough Mudder"
This is a crazy race that is 12 miles long and has 20 obstacles! "It's Iron Man meets Burning Man."{and it supports the Wounded Warriors, so it's all for a good cause} It's totally crazy and I will probably cry, but I'm so excited. Do you want to join us??? let me know and I'll give you info to join our team.

I have been doing more.... I have gotten our school area ready for the next year. We are starting mid-July. A bit earlier than public school, but then we take off more time in the fall and spring when the weather here in Florida is so nice and it's hard to be inside.

{I had a big map hanging there but then the boys had to pull chairs up to see it real close so I took it down... not sure what I'm going to put up on the wall yet... any suggestions?}

Last school year I made my own curriculum which went well. And I really liked it. But with Benji becoming more busy and other things going on it became a bit over whelming. So I bough a curriculum but it's not what you think. It's the Critical Thinking Co. I'll do a whole other post on this. But I'm so excited to use it!

Ok, so speaking of school... and being more busy.... I am going back to school! I'm really excited for this too. I have been wanting to and wanting to and now is a good time....{I don't know why with how busy I am but it feels right} I am going through American Public University {APU} I'm getting a Bachelors in Business Management. {I am hoping to go on and get a Masters in Public Relations} It's all online and I'm only taking 2 classes a semester. The way they have it broken down is one class every 8 weeks.

I enjoy being busy, and if the boys weren't keeping me busy enough I definitely am now. Welcome to my crazy life!


Karen and Gerard said...

That's great you can do so much! I suggest some sort of reading competition contest poster for your wall.

Alicia said...

You are a super woman lady!!
I'm trying to decide on curriculm too... I need to find a really good math book.
Congratulations on going back to school. You're amazing!

SheriDawn said...

I'm pretty sure we're homeschooling at least one boy this year too. Excited and scared, but I shouldn't be with the amount of research I've done on curriculum! We're starting him in July too.

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