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Monday, September 5, 2011

Hurricane Irene

We were ready. We had water and flashlights. We had gone to the library and picked up some extra books to look at. We made sure our 72 hour kits were ready. We had a full tank of gas.

And then we waited. We waited for hurricane Irene. We woke up Friday morning to rain, a lot of rain. And then it stopped. About 3 hours later it was raining again and then.... that was it. The sun came out and the streets dried up.

James had some allowance money that he wanted to spend so of to the book store. {I love that my boys love the book store and the library so much!}

The evening still was still clear so we put dinner on hold and went to the beach.

We were going to walk on the beach but the surf was coming all the way up on shore and there was no room to walk. So we hung out on the ramp that takes us down to the beach.

So much sand was washed up to the ramp.

Look at the waves!!
The boys were still able to have fun

 Do you like Tommy's pirate face?
I decided not to get Benji out of the stroller because he likes to run. And he is heavy. And I can't take pictures if I'm holding him.
Did I mention that at a year he weighted, 27pounds!!! We grow them heavy at our house. {he measured 28 inches...}

 It was fun going out there and seeing what a hurricane can do even miles off the coast.
Mother Nature is awesome!!
This is the other reason I wouldn't let Benji get out. The waves came right up to the ramp!

It was really neat to go out and see the rage of the ocean. It is one powerful force.

I am grateful that Hurricane Irene missed us, but it was a good run through to make sure that we were ready.

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Beth said...

I'm glad you didn't suffer water damage or power outages! That's quite a bit of sand to have moved....yep, Mother Nature is (in every sense of the word) awesome. :D

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