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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh, Tommy.

I was looking through some older pictures and I realize that I have a TON of good pictures... you know good pictures like the ones I can use when he starts dating. Good pictures... like the ones that when he has a wedding video these will most definitely be on it!!

He fell asleep eating chocolate.

He is fixing his bike.... with no pants. {you will see that this is a trend}

We were painting, again with no pants.
Tommy was trying to steal the lightsaber.
This is how he needed to eat his blueberries. He put them on his fork one at a time and then ate them off.
Coloring.... again with no pants. {this is a great shot!}
This is how pumpkins are suppose to be tested.
This poor boy has no butt... nothing stays up.
Again... pantless
Let me explain a bit... he was in a little preforming group and they had a break for dinner. Rather than have him drop food on his white shirt I took it off. It was a good idea in theory. The picture is better!
He never did learn to use the peddles.... did you see the shoes?
He is torturing the ants... it's a boy thing.
Look how little they all are!! Well you can't really see Tommy with his finger up his nose.
Tommy eating a cookie.
Poor boys, he got a helmet stuck on his head.
Dad was playing with him when a rouge wave came up. Tommy got a mouth full of salt water.
Tommy was playing with lotion. It got everywhere!!!
Believe it or not, he tried to get more in there!
See... no pants.
He needed a costume for the day, and this is what I came up with 5 minutes notice. {he's not wearing pants}
I did not put him this way. This is how he fell asleep. I don't think he will ever live this down!
Look at all that blond hair!!!!
What do you go to SeaWorld for?? Shamu right?? Tommy missed the whole thing. Poor boy was just too tired. {I made him wear pants this day}

Tommy is so funny and I always find such funny pictures of him. Love you Tommy!!! Can't wait to show your girlfriends!!

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Camie Rae said...

Those pictures are AMAZING!! (Imagine my best Oprah voice when I said AMAZING!!) Oh man! Good good pictures is right! LOVEIT!!!

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