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Thursday, September 1, 2011

One year and Bald

 Happy Birthday to my baby!! This year flew by!!

 I thought this was a clever idea. Benji has started making truck sounds so putting the cake in the back I thought was cute.
{We ended up having Benji's birthday 2 weeks later because Steve was gone, and then Benji was teething}

 {take a look at that hair}
He is wanting more cake... and he didn't do to bad in the mess department.... probably because I didn't put frosting on it.
 Remember I said to look at his hair.... Steve is now shaving it off.  He does this to each of the boys...
Benji was wiggly so Jason helped out.
 It took a little bit but I think he looks so cute now.

Oh.... look at all that baby hair. It actually was a good thing, his baby fine hair just kept getting tangled.

I seriously can't believe how fast this year went by!!

Here's to another year Benji! I love you!

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