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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


You know Mamarazzi right?? Well you should.

She like to host swaps and I love playing! They are so fun. Mamarazzi pairs us up and then I send a box full of fun stuff to my partner and she sends on to me. I have been paired with some great women and have made some great friends.

This time my swap partner was Camie Rae. She is a really cute mom!! She has two boys and a much waited for baby girl.

I have really liked getting to know Camie!

Do you want to see what I got her??
Well.... you'll have to go and see. {actually I did have a picture but some how I deleted it...}

Here is what she got me!!
It was so fun to open my package from Camie! The pretty blue paper was such a good idea. I had a hard time picking a favorite color... I really do like all colors! For this though I picked turquoise.... {and pink and green}
 Look at all the fun stuff!!! A cute vase with some flowers, gum, fun nail polish, post-it notes, wipe off wall stickies, a spatula, chapstick, a cute necklace with matching earrings and bracelets, and my most favorite thing... and apron. I have a love affair with aprons and I love the way this one wraps all the way around!

I was not to happy with the post office though.... not only did the guy wake the baby with how loud he was banging on the door, but the USPS also broke a cute little jar that had vinyl letters that had "Mommy's secret stash" on it and it was filled with candy. 
{this is not the first time that the USPS broke something that someone sent to me.... we are not on good terms the postal service and I}
 I love office supplies!!
The nail polish is sparkly! And the hair stuff she made!
I love swaps! It's just so fun to get a package in the mail when you have no idea what is in it!


Thank you Mamarazzi for another great swap! And thank you Camie for the great box!!!!


Mamarazzi said...


usps is poopy for breaking your stuff, me no likey.

i am so glad that you and Camie were a good match!

Camie Rae said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am so sad it broke!! This will never do!! Also, uh, the candy jar broke but the vase didn't?! Highly suspect...methinks the must have dropped it on the one side. Boo. BUT I am so relieved you like the apron!! I was nervous since it was green and not turquoise PLUS I didn't know your size...so I made it sorta generic. But YAY!! I am so dang glad to know you and that you like it all. Stinking USPS!!! Sorry...

sarajo said...

Oh yay! What a great swap!! And I love all the stuff you got!

Kelley said...

Love the color... such cute things.
This was a fun swap, looks like you got a nice package!!

lynn said...

Love all the stuff you got!
Sorry about the broken jar. :( My hubby used to work for the post office....they are NOT careful with packages at all.

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