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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three for Thursday.... or Friday.

My good friend Evelyn has this thing.... Three for Thursday. There are three questions and you answer them... on Thursday. Well... mine are going up on Friday, because... this is my blog and I say so.

{by the way... I met Evelyn through a blog swap with the wonderful Mamarazzi. I have loved Evelyn from the moment I met her... on her blog. I love the world of the blog-o-sphere!!}

OK... and GO

Three wedding day memories...
1-I was late. There was traffic and I was 45 minutes late to my own wedding. Poor Steve, people kept telling him that I was coming.
2-We didn't have a reception. We took the money that was given to us for the wedding and used it for a honeymoon.
3-Our ceremony was the last one in the day so when we were getting our pictures taken there wasn't any other bride around.

Three guy movies that I actually like...
1-StarWars serise
2- The Borne serise
3- 2012

Three things that I will try to sneak into heaven...
1- FaceBook
3-Cinnamon Rolls.... {I like food!}

Three 4th of July traditions...
1- Giving the children burning phosphorus to wave around
2- Jello!
3- Eating

Three words that describe me...
1-Disorganized. {I'm working on it!}
2- I can't think of anything else....
3- Hey!!! it's midnight! give me a break!!

Three Favorite summer time desserts...
1- Ice Cream
2-Anything with strawberries
3- Popsicle

Three Fictional Characters that I would like to meet in real life...
1- The Steed Family
2-Anne of Green Gables
3-Damion Salvatore {vampire diaries :) }

Three group games I could play over and over again....
1-Fag Tag (So inappropriately named, but what else do you call it?? People stand in linked arm pairs in a circle. One person is “it” and has to tag another person who is running around. The running around person can link arms with any pair and the person on the opposite side of the new linked pair has to start running away from the person who is “it”. Of course if the running person gets tagged, they are “it” and the roles reverse.) 2-Signs (Everyone sits in a circle and each person has a self-created secret sign, such as scratching your head, patting your leg, winking three times, etc. One person stands in the middle as the circle passes their signs around. One person begins, slyly signs their own sign then passes it on by signing someone else’s sign. That person accepts it by signing their own sign and again passes it on by signing someone else’s sign. The person in the middle is trying to catch who has the sign before they can pass it on. If they catch the person before they pass it, that person is then “it”. Hilarious!) 3-The card game Skipbo

Three Favorite Summer time TV shows...
1-3 I hate reruns... I read or watch movies.

Three Pictures...

 My my... how he has grown!
 I don't know why I even bother to try to take pictures of them...
This is Tommy during his little graduation from Kindergarten to 1st grade.... that's my Tommy!

There you go.... some things you may never have known about me.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've been so busy!

I have been so busy and it's only going to get worse.... I love it though. I work best when I'm busy.

I have been working on many projects around here, and just taking the time to relax a bit while Steve has a break.

I have been called into Primary as the Secretary, and I'm so happy to serve the Lord in this calling. I love being in with the kids and I hope I can help get things moving in a good direction before we leave. And it's fun seeing the boys in Primary singing and stuff... they are very enthusiastic singers!

I have been working out every night with a program called Insanity. Wholy Moly it is crazy!! Steve and I have been doing it along with some friends, Bryce, Brittni, and Jason. You don't want to come over after we are done, I have to turn on the fans and open the windows because of the sweat that has just happen! I'm really enjoying it. AND!!! I can now do 7 push-ups! {yeah me!}

Why am I doing Insanity you ask??? Good question. Steve and I... and our friends are going to run a race in December. The race is called the "Tough Mudder"
This is a crazy race that is 12 miles long and has 20 obstacles! "It's Iron Man meets Burning Man."{and it supports the Wounded Warriors, so it's all for a good cause} It's totally crazy and I will probably cry, but I'm so excited. Do you want to join us??? let me know and I'll give you info to join our team.

I have been doing more.... I have gotten our school area ready for the next year. We are starting mid-July. A bit earlier than public school, but then we take off more time in the fall and spring when the weather here in Florida is so nice and it's hard to be inside.

{I had a big map hanging there but then the boys had to pull chairs up to see it real close so I took it down... not sure what I'm going to put up on the wall yet... any suggestions?}

Last school year I made my own curriculum which went well. And I really liked it. But with Benji becoming more busy and other things going on it became a bit over whelming. So I bough a curriculum but it's not what you think. It's the Critical Thinking Co. I'll do a whole other post on this. But I'm so excited to use it!

Ok, so speaking of school... and being more busy.... I am going back to school! I'm really excited for this too. I have been wanting to and wanting to and now is a good time....{I don't know why with how busy I am but it feels right} I am going through American Public University {APU} I'm getting a Bachelors in Business Management. {I am hoping to go on and get a Masters in Public Relations} It's all online and I'm only taking 2 classes a semester. The way they have it broken down is one class every 8 weeks.

I enjoy being busy, and if the boys weren't keeping me busy enough I definitely am now. Welcome to my crazy life!

Monday, June 27, 2011

What have we been doing?

{Want to see what else we have been working on??}

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Making Family Memories

So after working hard all year on their school work, and supporting dad through yet another quarter of school, we needed to throw the rules out the window and make some fun memories as a family. I was inspired by my good friend Emily and her Wacky Wednesday...

After the boys woke up we loaded everyone in the car to go out to breakfast. Jammies and all. There were questions as to where we were going... We got to the "Cracked Egg" and found a table that would seat a crew of 6 and got down to business.

After breakfast we got back into the car. We drove to the beach and the boys were kinda disappointed that they didn't have their bathing suits.... Good thing I had them packed in a bag ready to go. With seconds there were three naked boys, putting bathing suits on. {I wish they could undress that fast when asked to get into the shower...}

And low and behold, there was boogie boards, and towels and snacks all in the back of the van. So we grabbed our stuff and walked down to the beach.
The boys took off for the water rather quickly but I saw something in the sand that caught my eye....
 This little guy was rather photogenic.
Benji doesn't like the beach when we first get there.... I think it has to do with being held down to put sunscreen on him. Call me crazy but I like my babies with cute pink skin and not RED! Once that was taken care if and he was put in the water he was happy. {I guess he is a Florida baby after all}

He still has a need to taste the sand... I'm wondering if he things it will be different after each taste... sadly for him it is not.
James and Steve play in the water most of the time but he did come up for a moment to dig in the sand.
 Poor Tim....

After a good 2 1/2 hours at the beach we went home to shower and get cleaned up. I had lunch ready for them. I had 6 brown bags all numbered waiting for them. Each boy got to pick 2 bags and then... that is what they had for lunch. James got juice boxes and napkins, Tim got spoons and pretzels, and Tommy got sandwiches and applesauce. So a bit of trading was had and then we settled down for a movie in the middle of the day.

The boys really wanted to see something explode. If you have boys you get it... So I bought some stuff that I NEVER buy!!! and we made stuff explode.
I guess diet Coke is good for something... definitely not drinking though.
We got some pretty good fountains going.
I bought some smaller things of it and let the boys make some fountains too.
{Steve suggested fireworks.... I suggested not. This was the next best thing that I could come up with that would not cause bodily harm....}

After that we had some "Ice Cream" I found this totally cool recipe online somewhere for banana ice cream. All you do is peel and cut up bananas and put them in the freezer for about 2 hours. The you take them out and put them in your blender or food processor. And whola! you have bananas in the consistency of ice cream!! {I did add a bit of peanut butter because that's how we roll but nothing else!} I was impressed that it worked.
{Now you want to try it huh....}

We had a great day. It was fun to be together as a family and makes some fun memories. It was so funny seeing their faces each time we did something. It was just a good day!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nine & Ten....

So once again I get the MOTY award. If you don't know what that is.... it's ok.

Somewhere in the middle if everything going on I lost a month of Benji! I kept saying that he was 8 months when he was 9 months.... and now he is 10 months! Crazy huh!! I can't believe how fast this year is going!

{Caution.... a lot of pictures of a really cute baby!}
So here are some pictures of Benji at 9 months.... and then at 10 months...

 I don't know that I will ever get over these baby blues!

 I love this dimple!

To break it up here is a funny picture of Benji...
Crawling can be dangerous. I'm not totally sure what happen here. He is really good about crawling into things, but he can't get out again. Poor boy is stuck under the walker.

These are the picture from 10 months, and these what most of the pictures look like... him crawling away.

I love seeing the world through the eyes of a child. It's fun to see what captures his attention.

I can't believe he's 10 months!! Benji is so close to walking, once he is standing he'll let go and just stand there. He has taken a few steps and then falls into who ever is standing there. He is eating my out of house an home! He will usually eat at least half of my plate at dinner time. He LOVES his veggies! I'm not sure if there is any that he doesn't like because he hasn't spit anything out. He is a really good sleeper.... once he get's to sleep. The poor boy is so afraid that he will miss something that as soon as you start to put him down he will hug you even tighter so he doesn't have to go down. He loves being out side. He will crawl out the door as soon as it's open... and now that he is standing he is learning how to open the door.

They grow so fast and if you don't pay attention you really will lose a month!

His feet are always like this. And they are locked really tight.  I love his little sausage toes!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two wheels are better than three

After a year of trying {and a bribe of a lego set} he got it!!!
 There were a few spills.
 But he got it!!
He was so excited to finally get it!!! Good job Tommy, we are proud of you!!

{I think it helped that his lego set was waiting for him inside}

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Easily Entertained

The other day we heard some noise out side... It sounded big. So the boys went to go see what it was.

The biggest down to the smallest were entertained. They couldn't keep their eyes off it!!

So for about an hour the three of them sat outside watching.
Do you want to see what it was??

A big truck that picks up trees. The boys couldn't get enough of it. Even Benji sat and watched... always trying to get a better view.
Our landlord decided to cut the trees down in front of our house. With hurricane season right around the corner he didn't want them to fall on the house. I kinda miss the trees.... but it's not our house...

Where is Tommy you ask?? He is in the house reading. When he gets into a book there is nothing that can pull him from it.... well ... except chocolate.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A long flight!

Over Memorial Day I was able to take Benji and go to Utah to see my beautiful sister get married to a really great man. It was a wonderful day and the weather held out for her.

The day we left it was really nice here in Florida... blue skies, a bit warm but nothing to bad. Benji and I made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare.... {I still dislike TSA! apparently I profile as a terrorist... I got the full service treatment}

Benji and I made it to our gate and sat down to wait.

And wait we did!!!

While Florida was having beautiful weather, tornadoes were wreaking havoc in the Midwest. Although we weren't going to the Midwest the storm chain carried though to Atlanta.... and that's where our first leg took us too.

Benji did really well while were at the airport and he was able to toddle around. Now we were suppose to leave at 6:55pm. My thought was that he will ride the first leg and be some what content and then sleep the second leg. Well as 6:55 turned to 7:30.... then to 8:00.... I knew that plans were going to have to change.
He is happy while he can toddle around and is being fed.
I thought this was funny, I guess they think that having some rocking chairs makes it feel more like home when there are delays.

Finally at 8:30 we take off. And after a power nap while we were waiting Benji was ready to go once we got on the plane. He was happy enough but to be confined to my lap did not lent itself to a good time.

After the nice people entertained him for the duration of the flight... and many cheerios we finally landed.

Atlanta was a MESS!!!! It was kinda funny to watch all the people run from one place to another. Our flight was not going to leave for another 5 and a half hours!!! we just took out time as we had to walk across the entire airport to get to our next gate.

Once we made it to our gate we found a place to sit and wait.... and wait.

I did meet a really cool guy though! I never got his name but he just got a job to spend Google's money. What an awesome job!! I think I gave him some ideas to try so we'll see. So random guy that I met who flew from Atlanta to Chicago that stormy night... I hope all is going well with your cool job!
Benji was happy again once he had more cheerios. Our flight was pushed back again.... and finally at 1:30AM the wheels were up!! Fortunately on the long flight... 3 hours.... There was an empty chair so I was able lay Benji down once he finally fell asleep. Which I'm sure everyone was happy about. So I was suppose to fly into Salt Lake at 10:00pm... enough time to catch up with family and put the baby to sleep.... I finally walked out of the SLC airport at 3:10AM!!!

Man are you exhausted yet??? I am!

Fortunately for me the trip back was not that bad.

TSA was there waiting for me with open arms and ready to test the bottle that Benji was holding to make sure it wasn't explosive.

I thought this was funny, there is a smoking room in the SLC airport... the door was missing and there was just a rope across the door..... so I think they were missing the point
 The trip back was all made worth it because of these little guys. Ahh yes... the Cinnabon!!
 We made it home safe and sound... in one piece, and on time!
Life needs frosting!
{and maybe less TSA}

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A ham named Tommy

It's not even Christmas time yet and I have a ham already here. We have even named our ham... his name is Tommy. This boy is so funny!

Here are some funny things about Tommy:
*He has a secret lab that is filled with minions.... you heard that right minions!
*He has 1 million minions... and two rhinos.
*He writes notes to them daily... which I will post at a later date. But one note says that he will be gone for lunch and to keep working on the lab.
*He gets to the lab by the closet with the vacuum.... and when he goes in there he makes the noises of an elevator going up and down.
*Apparently his minions are messy and take the clothes out of his drawers.
*It's hard to see Tommy's eyebrows... And when asked about them he told me his eyebrows were in disguise.
*Another time he told me to "Feel the fur" on his eyebrows.
*He was afraid to ride a bike until his lego set came in the mail then he said... "I'm going to ride my bike"... and he did.
*He is a schemer and I will often hear him laughing to himself.

Tommy you make me happy and you definitely keep me on my toes!

{ps. Tommy please ask your minions to pick up after themselves}

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