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Friday, April 12, 2013

Are we there yet?

On Friday we usually have pizza and a movie... on the watch list tonight, WALL~E. A cute movie and it was so fun to watch Benji watch the movie for the first time.

As I was watching the movie with my brood, I noticed something.... something very sad.

This movie is set in the distant, but not so unrealistic future...

The opening of this movie you see a robot cleaning up and finding random pieces of garbage that he collects as his treasures... garbage that we left behind

The movie goes one {if you haven't seen it, you should it's a cute movie..}

Anyway, they get to the ship that is in outer space called the Axiom. And here is where I start seeing things.

First, everyone is the same, everyone has the same clothes, and sitting in the same chairs. I would bet that everyone has the same living conditions as everyone else.... hum.... sound familiar?? It does to me. Today every one is calling for equality, whether it is worked for or not, whether you were born in the country or not, whether you are smart or not.... everyone needs to be equal.

Next you see people sitting next to each other talking to each other through what we would call video chat. True story... I saw two girls sitting on oppisite side of the room texting each other {I asked who they were texting, that's how I knew} how sad that we live in world were face to face communications are becoming less and less.

Then there is the Captain, he tries to figure out what a manual is. A robot shows him how to open a book. Think of today, now I love technology as much as the next person. And I'm thankful that our books are being stored in a digital way, but do you think there could be a time when one may not even know what to do with a book??

We see people playing virtual games of tennis and golf. All they are doing is pushing a button on their screen. How familiar... there are video games of sports now... you don't even have to leave your house to play a round of golf or a game of baseball, you can do it all from the comfort of you couch. What ever happen to playing a game of kickball in the street with all the neighbor kids?

There's the shakes that people are sucking from.... I did a whole post on this topic a year ago. It's so easy now to blend your meal into a shake form and drink it down. What ever happen to real food? What happen to fruits and vegetables being best for you?? Now it's powder out of a can and mixed with water is what is suppose to be better for you than an apple or a carrot??

When the Axiom makes it back to Earth the Captain is excited to plant in the ground the plant that was found and brought to the ship.... they were going to grow tomatoes "and pizza". It's funny and the boys laughed at it, we all know that pizza doesn't grow. But what about the rest of our food? Do we really know where it comes from? Sadly I do know kids that don't know what animal produces beef. Everything just comes from the store.

And then there is the big store that everything comes from. In the movie it is called 'Buy n Large'. This mega corporation has taken over and everything that is used comes from this store. Hummmm... I dare to say a lot like, oh I don't know, say Walmart. Honestly, I don't like going to Walmart at all!!! But they have everything and so when I am with all 5 boys and I need to pick up groceries, and paper for the printer, and socks for the boys, and a roll of ribbon for a project, and.... and.... and.... They have everything for a truly one stop shopping. Do you ever think Walmart will truly take over, putting everyone else out of business?? I hope not, but they have created a niche for our fast paced society to have everything in one spot.

Yes, everything in the movie WALL~E is exaggerated but I think there are some... a lot... of truth to it.... and not in a good way.

What do you think.... am I right? A little maybe? Or do you think I am totally off base?


Gingerrose said...

You are so on to something! Your post got me thinking and I was talking to Anthony about it today. It reminded me of our recent trip to Mississippi. At one of our lunch stops there were four adults (including me) sitting in a booth, with James in a high chair on the end and ALL of them except for me was looking down at their phone. For like 20 minutes! At one point I was like, "soooo, are we going to talk?" and they just laughed and kept doing what they were doing. I felt like we missed out on being able to connect.

Anonymous said...

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Jen said...

I haven't seen the movie which is a surprise because my kids love it. But, it sounds like the kid version of Idiocracy, a great and horribly funny movie but not for kids.

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