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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On the move... Again!

When we moved to North Carolina I knew that we wouldn't be here long. I even remember laying in bed the first night that we were here, surrounded by boxes, that we wouldn't be here long.

I just know these things.

I knew it when we were in Utah after Steve's deployment to Iraq.

I knew it when were in Arizona shortly after we got there.

I think the Lord lets me know ahead of time so when it is time to move I have already processed it and it's not overwhelming. I never know how long we will be in a place, I only know that we will eventually be moving.

We are transient people.

But that first night when we were in bed, Steve was sure we would be here awhile. So I let go of the thought that we would be moving. I even entertained the thought of looking at houses and property to purchase.

I have always had this dream of having a white picket fence... watching my kids grow up... and watching them grow up with their friends. Of having the same walking buddy for years and years.

I truly feel blessed to have lived around the United States like I have been. I have meet some incredible people, and have learned so much.

And I have literally been from sea to shining sea.

But now it is time for us to box up our house again. To put it all in a truck and move it back across the country. {again}

We are moving back to Utah. Things haven't worked out here like we had hoped they would. And we have felt a pull to be back near family again. And truly my heart is in the mountains.

So here we go again. I'm pretty sure we keep the tape people in business! All of our stuff goes back into boxes and back on the truck.

I'm not sure if Utah will be a permanent home for us or not. I really hope so.

But if not I'm just going to go to Lowes and buy myself a white picket fence that I can just take with me if we move again.


Tristan said...

Moving makes me tired just thinking about it! Praying things go smoothly as you prepare. Any idea of a timeline? Weeks or months before you go? I wish Ohio was in your driving path so we could visit....

Mackey Family said...

I know we are super excited to have you come back too!! Our boys would have a blast together!!

Camie Rae said...

Utah??!! I live in Utah now too!! Where are you goin?!?!

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