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Friday, April 5, 2013

Eight is pretty much...Awsome

My wonderful son turned 8 in March. Tommy has been looking forward to this birthday for a while. For one it's the birthday that they get to spend the day with just dad. And Tommy has been really into birds of prey lately and we happen to live by a raptor center. Tommy was so excited to go and see the falcons, and eagles they had there.

Also when you are 8, it is the age of accountability. And for those of our faith that is the age that you are able to be baptized into the church, and are ready to make covenants with the Lord.

And that is what he did.

Steve baptized, and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and he also gave Tommy the gift of the Holy Ghost.

It was made really special that my dad was able to be there with us. Tommy is named after my dad and it was so nice that he was able to be there for his baptism.
 I love this picture of our family!

Being 8 also means for a boy is the opportunity to join the cub scouts. He was so excited to finally put on that uniform and be a part of the group.

 Look at my handsome boy! Tommy you are such a ray of sunlight in my life. You make me smile and laugh out loud, especially with the jokes that you make up.
 You are so talented in what ever you try your hand at. Please remember to pick good things.
 I love listening to you play the piano! Especially the Hymns. You work hard and with time you will be playing really hard things on the piano.
Tommy you are such a smart boy! I love watching you learn, and seeing you grow. Remember to play fair and to help those that are struggling.
And Tommy, please smile every day! Because when you smile so will everyone else. You are a little brother and a big brother... know that all your brothers love you.
I love you Tommy thank you for being you. I feel so blessed to have you as a part of our family. I am so happy that Heavenly Father chose me to be your mom. I have learned and grown so much by raising you.

I love you Tommy!!

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