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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A year in review

We had pictures.... and the disk in the camera crapped out.

I had intentions of Christmas cards... but never got around to it.

We had a busy year and I wanted to tell all about everything and then time just got the better of me.

Thank heavens for a blog... and facebook... and email.... now I can get you all caught up at once.

Our family's 2013 top 10!!

1- Swim was born!!! January gave us the best gift and our 5th little boy was born.

2- We moved cross country from North Carolina to Utah. It was quick and unexpected but we made it all in one piece and a moving truck and trailer.

3- Steve opened his own practice, and while it has been slow starting, it's starting to pick up.

4- The 3 older boys went to school this year. It was a weird transition, but they are doing well and excelling at most things.

5- I have had to redefine myself from a homeschooling mom to a mom that sends kids to school. It has been weird for me to and have found myself board on some days, but I am ejoying the time with Swim and Benji.

6- Having the boys in school was actually a really good thing at the beginning of the school year as I found out that we are expecting again. It was nice to send them out the door before I started feeling sick for the day.

7- We still have Captain. He's going deaf... or has very selective hearing.

8- We all have enjoyed being back in Utah but as winter set in we soon realized that we were not prepared for snow or cold. You actually need shoes and socks here!

9-Swim started walking at 9 months. Benji is potty trained. Tim was able to take some golf lessons. Tommy has found a love for Minecraft. And James turned 10!!!

10- We found out it's a GIRL!!!

Here's to a productive, healthy, safe and happy New Year.

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