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Sunday, December 29, 2013

And the last Child is.....

A GIRL!!!!!

I didn't think I would ever have a girl!!

I was convinced that this little one was a boy.

I was sure we would end our babies with a last round of blue and was happy for that.

But low and behold.... it is a little girl!!

I really can't believe it. And I think it will be hard to be really sure until I have her in my arms.

April can't come soon enough but I know that if think about it long enough it will be here in no time.

A GIRL!!!! can you believe it!!??


Tristan said...

Wow! What a neat experience!

Mackey Family said...

Girls at the end is awesome!!! She will have a handful of big brothers to protect and love her like crazy!!! I' SOOOOOOOOOO excited for you guys!!!!! She will have Steve wrapped around her tiny little fingers! I told Josh it would be that way with our little Leah, and he so didn;t think it would be any different. Now, almost daily, he comments on how he was SOOOOO WRONG about that!!!

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