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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quick Christmas Re-cap

I seriously don't know where the time has gone!!! I blink and it's Christmas. I turn around and we are in the middle of the summer. When will it all stop?? {or slow down at least}

Christmas was small and perfect. There were a few gifts for each boy and they have all seemed to enoy what they got.

For the first time with all the boys we went to Temple Square. It was nice. There weren't as many lights as I remember but it was fun to be there again. And it was fun to take the boys as they have never been before. {and we didn't loose anyone in the crowd!}

This was the best picture that we could get with the boys.... Benji was more interested in the sign that says "Do Not Touch" than taking a picture.... figures}
And I thought this was a god on of Swim and I. So often I am not in the pictures as I am the one who carries the camera and demands... encourages everyone to look at me.

Then on Christmas Eve we decorate the gingerbread house. This year I was ambitious enough to make it and it actually turned out!! {I did buy a back up from Target just in case....}

I am in charge of the frosting and the boys tell me where they want it. Their vision is usually different than mine.

We have the family f bears bringing the tree home....
And what I can only assume is the carnage left over from the battle of the Bears vs. the Snowmen.
We decorate it Christmas Eve and then they are allowed to eat it Christmas morning. It was pretty picked over by the end of the day.

After the boys were in bed and instructed not to leave the bedrooms until we came to get them, they were tucked in for the night... and surprisingly stayed there!!

Our plan was to wake them after Swim woke up... which of course was the day that he slept in. The boys were awake at about 7:00 and we could hear the giggling, so we left Swim to sleep and let the boys enjoy the morning.

Benji got a giant dinosaur which is almost as tall as he is.
 Tommy got a breif case..... this was on his list and it was something he really wanted.... not sure why but he was so happy to have it.
James got a Kindle and was so happy! There were things that were already installed so he was able to play a few games and read books.
Tim got a Pogo Stick and a Perplexes ball {a maze inside of a ball}
 Benji also got a space helmet and now he can "blast off!!"
{there's that Perplexes}
And Swim got a little stackable toy.... I think he appreciated the effort....

But in the end.....
he was happy with the paper towel tube.

It was a quiet Christmas and it was nice to enjoy the time with the boys without worrying about going anywhere or cleaning or anything.

And to top it off it was a white Christmas!! So it made for a very "Norman Rockwell" type of day.

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