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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happiness is Harleys

So after two days in the car we finally made it up to Utah. The rod trip was good, and because of the GPS, I didn't get lost in Phoenix!! (This really is a big thing for me) The GPS that I have... actually I'm borrowing, has are really crazy voice, and the lady tells me to turn left or right or what ever. I feel like when is going to yell at me ("You fool you didn't turn left like I told you too!!!) if I don't turn. And I think they really need to add a compliments feature to it. For people like me who get lost going to the store, I would really like someone to say, "Good job!!! You turned left!!!"

The trip was long but broken up several times by Tommy needing to pee. So as we are pulling on the side of the road, because of course he has to go when we are no where near an exit, he has learned the full joy of being a boy. Yes, Tommy has learned that it's fun to pee while swaying back and forth and watching the pee "water" all the dirt. Oh, the joys of boys!!!

The first day after we got there all the cousins where over. It was so much fun. There is 10 of them ranging in ages from 7 all the way down to 10 months. They all played in the pond, being careful not to get into it, but all being soaked to the skin a couple times that day. In and out all day long they had a great time.

It was fun spending time will all my family too. All my sisters came (minus Lauralynn, the newest addition), so it was fun to talk and laugh and just hang out.

The next day my brother Hyrum and his wife Christa invited the boys and I over to there house for breakfast. So we are getting ready, we are in the car and about 10 minutes from the house, and Tommy throws up. I guess all the change in elevation, and OJ on an empty stomach, makes him throw up, because he was fine after that. I looked ridicules though as I am trying to get to the exit and pull off the road. I jump out of the car and try to catch some of it in a bag. Try as I may, most of it went on him, thank goodness for washers!!!

Because of Tommy's incident, we didn't go out that night with my sister as planned. Tommy has a knack of infecting my sisters kids with anything and everything! But staying home gave the boys a chance to help Grandma and Grandpa wash the Harley's. Boy they where so excited for this.

This by far was my favorite picture. Tommy wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get one of him.

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The Scott Family said...

GPS rocks! I'm glad you're enjoying your trip.

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