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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who knew

Missouri had Church history sites but I never knew what else there was. (All the Church history stuff will be another post so you can look for that) And just so you all know.... most of this stuff is for my personal record. I love that you all read and post comments but that's why there so many pictures and so many posts.

So we got to Missouri on Friday and on Saturday we packed the kids up to go to a children's museum, after finding the wrong one and trying to remember the city we wanted to go (for the GPS) we found it. It was no where near The Children's Museum in Utah but it was fun.

The first room we went smelt like pee, so we'll just skip that one altogether. Then (once again) the boys wanted to spend time in a public restroom.... so I took Tim to the infant area.
I took the picture under him while he was smashing his face in the window.

In another area they had as there "Underwater Exploration" and all the stuff was built with Legos. It actually was pretty cool.

James and Tommy in their scuba gear, ready to go into the submarines

There was this other thing. I don't even know what it was called. But you put scarves or little balls in one end and it got sucked through the contraption and spit it out in another place. The boys (Steve included) had a great time with it!

Steve had a great time playing with the Legos, and building a plane.

All the boys playing with Legos, not exactly sure what is up with Tim
Steve with his plane.

And the finished product. It was quickly dismantled by the other little boys who was waiting for all the parts that were on Steve's plane.

There was lots of other rooms but the favorite, by far was the ball room. There had to be at least two hundred golf balls. Then there was lot of things to rolls the balls down.

Tim had the most fun just filling the buckets and dumping them out.

(Sunday we did church history and you'll get the great story later)

So Monday the I thought, hummmm we'll go to the park. So I plugged park into the GPS and up came a bunch. So I picked one and we drove to it.... It was a grass field!! That was the same as the next THREE that we went to!!! I could not believe it... Welcome to the Midwest.

Family Home Evening was filled with a lesson of "loving our brothers" (which Tommy has finally decided that Tim is ok, some of the time) and Steve making balloon things for us to play with.

Tuesday we went to a place called Paradise Park. It was actually pretty fun. There was a ball pit. Now I know what you are thinking - ewwww gross! But they actually clean all the balls every three days and there is a target that you can throw the balls into and it goes into a machine that cleans the balls and then spits them back into the ball pit.
I loved the ball pits growing up and when you're little you don't think how disgusting they are. I'm glad that they boys got a chance to play in one.

My little construction workers.

There was tons of things to climb on, and a little cooking class for the boys
Tim thinking he's big enough to really climb. What ever makes him happy I guess.
James and Tommy making Spaceship cookies. Tim had a great time just playing in the sink and making a mess with water.

There was an area for pretend play. Tim ate the pretend food, and Tommy robbed the bank, as James was trying to be the bank teller.
Wednesday we did something for me. (Ok really all I wanted was the free gift) We went to the Hallmark factory. It was not that great, and if it wasn't for the free gift it would have been a total bust.

We went to a huge Crayola Store and the boys had a great time there (even though it wasn't anything special)

There was a display in the mall (which was across the street from the Hallmark factory) that was called Moneyville. The boys where able to make money with there face on it (they both picked the 1,000,000 bills). Tommy kept robbing the bank. (I hope this is not a sign of things to come)
After getting lost on the way home we finally made it, and as a great treat Steve was already home to greet us. What a long day!! (and week so far - here's to tomorrow!)

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Jen H said...

So Tommy's going to be a bank robber. Isn't that nice? As long as James and Davy aren't driving the getaway car, and as long as he's more Jason Bourne than Happy Texas, hey. More power to him.

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