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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What did we do?

So what did we do in Utah? Oh my.... tons! Besides the Grammer family reunion, we were running around everywhere. We really didn't have a whole lot of down time. There is a lot of pictures, but we had so much fun and I wanted to add it all. So here we go....
Hanging out with family.

Anyone who knows my family would know that that one statement can mean a whole lot! My family is full of crazies, drama, and chaos. And every time I go back and visit I remember why I love my family so much. And now to add our kids into the mix makes it so fun. All the kids get along really well with each other.
Tommy showing off his floaties as we are getting in the pool to swim with our cousins
The boys back at Eliza's house eatting lunch.
Not sure what Tim is doing or what he is looking for...James and Grandpa hanging out.
Tim and Rozalin playing in the fountain. Tim was suppose to be born after Rozi, but he came early, and now he is probably twice the size of Rozi. She is so little and petite. She's really cute.
Two of my sister (Carolyn and Sariah) and I took the kids to Wheeler Farm to feed the ducks and have a picnic. My mom came later and thrilled all the kids with buying ice cream, and helping them all smoosh a penny for a souvenir.Here is the picture of all the kids by the bunnies, taking pictures of kids is hard, especially with so many things going on, you always have kids looking somewhere else.

While we were swimming with the cousins I told James he could sit on the steps while I blew up his floaties, well I guess he couldn't wait, an dhe jumped in. Thankfully Eliza was there and jumped in to grab James. I see swim lessons in his future!!! Very soon in his future!

What did we see.

So James really wanted to see the Mesa Temple. Well, it's three hours away from home so when Steve and I go we drive up, do a session, and drive home. So I figured the Salt Lake Temple would be a great stop. We went to Liberty Park for a picnic, and boy was it crowded! I guess the drum circle really drew people to it. After that we went to the temple and walked around the grounds. Our first stop though of course was the bathrooms, because my boys love to pee in public restrooms. After that we saw the Christas, and the artwork that is there. I'm going to totally give myself a pat on the back for this one.... As we were walking and looking at the picture James reconized most of the pictures on the walls. Like 'Samuel, the boy Prophet', 'Arbraham and Issac', 'Moses', among others. (He does listen to me.....)

James being cool as we are at Liberty parkAt the Christas with the boys.

Until you are there I think you forget how big the Salt Lake Temple is! It realy is so beautiful!! I"m glad we went. I think sometimes you take it for granted that it is here, and forget to just look at it.

My mom making sure that Tim doesn't fall into the fountain. (Thanks mom)
The boys went with the primary with my parents ward to the Church History Museum. It was really great! There was a little tour with activities at each place. In this one they are "auditioning" for the Mormon Tabernacal Chior. It was really cute!
Tim just happy to be out of the stroller
"WHAT - E'ER - THOU' ART-ACT - WELL - THY- PART" Are you? Am I?

The Hunsakers and Taylors

Yeah, they get there own line. Seeing them is an event in itself. We went back up to roy because the Taylors (FINALLY) came back from Germany. They were over there for 3 months while Cayde did some training. Ok, you can all stop feeling sorry for them. Here is a funny thing and because Brianna has already posted it, I guess I can too. The Taylors have one year old twin boys, but I guess that doesn't matter when you have a hot night in Paris. So they came home almost 3 months pregante!!! (That's what you get for not taking me ;) ) The boys of course had a great time and so did the grown ups. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of the Taylors, or of our incrediable "Iron Chef - The Jen edition" This is where everyone brings five things to cook with. Anything they want, and Jen uses it to make stuff for every one else to eat. Totally a win-win situation. And Jen is really good at it! I can't even tell you some of the things that she made because I had no idea what some of the ingrediats were. But boy it was good!!!

And this picture not only sums up the weekend with the Hunsakers but our tim in Utah....

Fun - Food - Friends -Family!! (and messes)

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Looks like you had so much fun!! Although, I do love coming home from a long trip, too!!!

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