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Saturday, July 26, 2008

KC Zoo with 1,000,000% humidity!!!

On our last full day together we decided to go to the Kansas City Zoo. I love zoos, so does Steve and so do the boys, so we thought this would be a great thing and we would have tons of fun. Well..... the first hour and a half was fun, but after that it was MISERABLE!!! My heavens! I forgot that we are in Kansas City and the humidity was horrible! (Remember I'm from the dry heat... 100+ degrees? Bring it on!! Add even .5% humidity and you won't catch me even looking outside.) OK, so if it was just the humidity I could deal with it. But that wasn't all. The habitats were ok, but they only had two areas that were a half a mile apart from each other.

So we walked around the Australia area, saw some monkeys, tigers (in Australia?) red pandas, I was actually really excited about this. Camels, kangaroos, sheep, and birds (lots and lots of birds) We took a train ride and saw a construction area, grass lands and some wild scaffolding!
The red pandas. I think these animals are really cool.Feeding the sheep was a hit. (Maybe we should have gone to a farm!)
Waiting for the train to come, I'm not sure the reason for James' funny face.Look at that good looking man! How did I get so lucky?!
This bird is called the Lorkee, and it is really pretty! All the colors really fasinated Tim.

We should have stopped there because it just went down hill from there. We decided to take the half mile trek across the zoo to see what we thought would be some elephants and giraffes. Well apparently these animals are smart because they were no where to be found. So we called it quits and trekked back to the gate to get out. Encouraging James the whole way, just hoping to make it back before he melted.
We had fun because we were together but everyone was happy to leave. My take on the Kansas City Zoo..... I've been to better.

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