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Friday, July 25, 2008

USP, Fort Leavenworth, and clever idea for more privacy

Ok, little known fact about me. I'm kinda obsessed with prisons. Never been to one, and I hope never to go. But I love learning about them, the history behind them and what kind of people go there. (I tried watching Prison Break but I thought it was kind of hokey) Anyway. I went to Fort Leavenworth and as we were leaving we drove by the State Penitentiary and so I flipped the car around so I could get a better look. The pictures aren't that great but it was really cool to see.

On Fort Leavenworth were some BEAUTIFUL homes. Now I know that these home are probably Officer housing, but hey, one can hope.

And you know when you get a hotel room and you and all the kids bunk up together.... well Steve and I have found a way to get a little more privacy..... we went to Walmart (because they are everywhere!!! Want to create a new city, build a Walmart) anyway, we went to the store and let the boys pick out some sheets. Then we tacked them on the wall to make a "fort" This way Tim sleeps for his naps because he can't see what is going on, and the boys are a little more separate from us (hey, we are only here for a week)

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The Scott Family said...

I am fascinated with prisons too. I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo. I'm glad you got some privacy. Very inventive!

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