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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What a Week!

Ok, so this is going to be broken up into parts so just bare with me....This is the
Grammer Family 3 Day Reunion.

Day 1 - Seven Peaks and Birthday party
So the first day we went to Seven Peaks. And after taking a wrong turn made it there in one piece. It's a pretty good water park and the boys had so much fun. Ok, well James did. He loved hanging out with his cousins and going down the little water slides. Tommy screamed as I forced him down one with him on my lap... with Tim. We got stuck half way down. Tommy eventually got use to the water and Tim was mad at me for not letting him play on his own. Call me mean, but I didn't have time to take out in this vacation to deal with the hospital because he wanted to swim on his own. I really liked the lazy river but the boys were board of it, and cried most of the way. Katie (in the picture) took James on a bunch of slides and kept an eye on him. It was nice to have a little break, so Thanks Katie! Random meeting though.... Any of you Logandale people out there... I ran into Jason Asay, and then the rest of his family. What a small world!

After Seven Peaks we went back to Larry and Valerie's house for a birthday party. At least that's what I thought. But when I got there the house was locked up. So I sat in the car and waited for someone else to get there. It was nice the boys got a nap, and I had a chace to change before everyone got there.... that's the beauty of sleeping children and tinted windows.... and NOT being 6'4". I guess being short has its advantages. Jessica (a niece) was turning 16! So we celebrated with her. The boys were in heaven wen Grandpa Johnson brought out the snowcone maker. And oh my... the soda, and hot dogs, and cake and ice cream.... Tommy was so cute when he saw one of the cousins wearing a superman shirt. He was playing with the chalk and then came over to me very and very quietly said "Mom... there's another Super Hero!" We left late but we had a good time.

Tim with his fohawk. How to get this look.... fall asleep in a car seat with wet hair in and Ta Da, a great do!
Tommy and James being silly with the weird rackets to a game that no one knew how to play.
(This is the "other" Super Hero that Tommy saw)(This was all said in a wisper to get the full effect)
Day 2 - Dinosaur Museum
So the next day the rest of the family hiked Timpanogas, and because I didn't want to lug all three boys up the mountain we went to the dinosaur museum with my sister Eliza. I'm sure James could have done the hike but with the pace that he walks at I'm sure we would still be trying to get up the mountain.

If you have never been to the museum at Thanksgiving Point, it's so worth it! The boys had a blast. They got to play on the computer with Eliza, dig for bones and play with all sorts of things. The funniest part was when the boys were playing in the water and sand section, where you learn about erosion, Tommy put his hands in, decided that he didn't like it and promptly wiped his hands off on the nearest object.... some lady's pants!!!!! My sister looked away not wanting to claim him and I just wasn't paying attention to what Tommy was doing. So to the lady with dirt and water on you pants.... I'm sorry!
This is my fabulous sister Eliza, she came with us to the Dinosaur Museum, and although Aunt Michelle is still the favorite aunt Eliza sure won points for this one and the ice cream that she bought when we were done here. (Michelle, you better watch out :) )

Day 3 - Picnic, Marshmallows Guns and Water Balloons
The last day we headed up to Orem for one last "Day-O-Fun". We went up Provo canyon and had a picnic. One of Steve's sisters, Kim, made marshmallows guns for everyone. They were lots of fun. After only inhaling two marshmallows I got the hang of it. James did pretty good and Tommy was just eating all the ammunition from the ground. (Good job Tommy for keeping our area clean) The boys looked cute in the matching shirts that we all wore. It was like a dress on Tim, but give him a day or two and I'm sure it will fit better. The shirts had a big smiley face and Benji's tag on it "Heliroo." It was a great way to remember him.
Ok, so this isn't the clearest picture but you can still see his eye lashes! They are so long and really dark!
Not long after lunch was eaten we got the water balloons out. We were going to play some games with some of them but they didn't last that long. There was a treasure hunt with lots of great candy to find. (I raided the boys' bags for there Laffy Taffy's) and then one of the kids found a snake. Boy was that a great find... (what ever...) I'm not a fan, but the boys thought it was great.So all in all it was a great time, honestly.... Better than I thought it was going to be. It was hard with out Steve being here, but it was fun to get to know his family a little bit better. The boys had a great time with there cousins, and getting to run amuck with them, and it was nice to see the family all happy and getting along. One thing that I will mention... is this family is full of funky toes!!! That's be a post for another time.

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Looks like fun- I love all your pictures, you are quite the traveler!

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