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Monday, April 6, 2009

The happiest place on earth

We had a great time in Disney Land!!! I was trying to think of how I wanted to post this... so I think I'm going to do a post of pictures and captions underneath. I'll throw in stories as they come up. I hope you enjoy the pictures as you scroll through them. We spent three days at Disney Land, usually going in the morning and going back in the evening, so we have a lot of great pictures.... but believe me.... I edited them down.
Here we have the classic picture. The boys were rather upset that they had to look into the sun. But I was insistent on getting the castle in the back.

So I think that Disney should totally pay me for this picture of Tim. With the castle in the back ground {man... I'm getting good at taking pictures}
James loved having a map. He was really excited when he could fine where we were at. {hopefully he has better navigational skills than his mom}
Tommy and Eliza
James and Steve

Tim and Eliza....
It must be nice to be little and be able to be carried around. The picture of Tim and Eliza is so cute. Tim was so tired. Tim has a little Buzz Lightyear gun in his hand. It lights up and makes noise. Each of the boys got one and it quickly became the favorite toy. Thanks Eliza!
Steve saw these turkey legs cooking and had to have one. Tommy {who is usually our vegetarian} wanted a bite. So here is Tommy with a turkey leg....

I'm not sure what I think about this... I just thought it was funny. Tim can't keep his finger out of his nose....

So going to Disneyland there are characters all over.... Jame was terrified and watched from afar. Tommy finally came around when it came to Buzz Lightyear.
Tim was unsure but finally came around.
Here is a picture of the whole family.... After what Eliza went through with our family {remember the puke?} did you notice that James is still hiding behind me.
At Goofy's Diner. It was a pretty nice buffet.... {Steve was happy to meet the owner}
James looks so funny in this picture, but he is there standing next to Dale. Tim did not want to look at me so Eliza is making him.... {promise.... there is no choking going on}

This is a really good picture of James. In a close up you can see his freckles. I have to say I love my boys' eyes. All of them have big eyes.

I swear, Tim's finger is like a magnet to his nose. Great picture to use later on.
And here we are at the "Sword in the Stone." I tried to get picture separately, but Tim figured he'd try to help his brothers.

Tommy taking a turn.

And here is Tim taking his turn. Surprisingly none of the boys pulled the sword out. {now that I think about it.... I should have had Steve try}
This is on Huckfinn's Island, and it's a barrel bridge. {there are barrels under it to keep it floating} I just want to let you all know to be careful. You can fall while you are on it.We went to drive the cars. I was totally looking forward to this. I remember these from when I was little. Just so you all know there is a reason why you have to be 16 to legally drive. First I guess it's the maturity factor... and for two.... you have to be able to see over the steering wheel.

Tim like just being a passenger.
And James.... he is a really bad driver.... good thing it's on some sort of track.

The Merry-go-Round was fun {I don't' remember the last time I rode one} and the line was so fast {yeah for fast lines}

Just a good picture of Steve

The last ride that we rode on, it's a classic and has to be done.

Dumbo the flying elephant..... it was a great way to end our Disney adventure.
Here are some fun points...
*Steve about ran up to the front gate. He was so excited to go.

*The boys were so funny... they are roller coaster junkies! {Steve is happy about that} They {James and Tommy}were able to go on every ride except the Indiana Jones. And get this.... Tim was able to go on the Matterhorn! And he LOVED it. We got off and he kept saying "Again, again".

*Tommy's favorite ride was the Thunder Mountain Railroad, and James' was Space Mountain

*We had one accident... Tommy peed his pants.

*Tommy got lost... fortunately it was only for like 10 minutes and he learned that he needs to stay close. {but really talk about a frantic mom!}

*We were eating too much to do the Tea Cups.

*Of course we did "It's a Small World" but it's not like I remembered

*The boys did great walking back and forth {about a half mile each way} It was a good thing... then I didn't feel bad about all the junk that I ate.

*We probably visited every bathroom in Disneyland at least once.

*I didn't really like Toon town.

*Donald was no where to be found

*The best way to get around the park is to use the train.

*Everything tastes better in Disneyland {except maybe turkey legs}

*I love that everyone is in character all the time.

*Steve beat me twice in the Buzz Lightyear ride.... {I think some how he cheated... I just don't know how}

*Taking Eliza was totally the best idea ever!!

*I can't wait to go back!!!

ALL of the boys had fun. And I did too. It was a lot of fun making some new memories in Disneyland. I can't wait to go back.


The Blonde Duck said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time!

Diane said...

Looks like fun!!! Good times like that don't come around very often.

Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

What fun wish I was there. When you move to Florida we'll all come down and do Disney World. I promise! Miss you.

Bank On It said...

Guh!!! I'm jealous! I love Disneyland. Looks like you guys had a blast! I loved all the pics.

Camie said...

That looks like so much fun! I love you hair BTW!!!!


I'm so jelous!!! we want to take our kids sooo bad. glad you had a fun time!!

Jen said...

All I have to say is, you thought THAT was fun. Wait until Disney World 2010. The theme park may neve be the same.

Christy said...

The picture of tommy and the turkey bone is so cute :)
Leaving some love from SITS!

Whitney said...

Ooo! I want to go now! Those are some fantastic pictures. . . you mean mommy making them look at the sun! :D Really though, it's all for the sake of a good picture!

Bossy said...

Oh....What FUN! Love all the photos and wish I could have joined you. BTW...Love the hair in the family pic Leah. It's really flattering on you!
Love, Aunt Michelle

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