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Friday, April 10, 2009

A thankful vacation

Now that I'm finally done posting about our vacation. I want to tell you what we are thankful for. It was so fun to have this family vacation and I hope this is the first of many. The boys still ask to go to Disneyland. I guess they forgot the 7 hour drive to get there.
*Tommy is thankful for the ability to spit.

*I'm thankful for the simple pleasures that children can find in anything

*I'm also thankful for that Tim bowled with us.... that way I'm not a total loser.

*I'm sure after this Eliza is thankful that she is an Aunt {and not mom} to these boys {and she is a great one at that!!}

*Tommy is thankful for turkey legs

*James is thankful for chocolate ice cream

*Tim is thankful for Eliza. She carried him all around the park. {It's like carring around 30 pounds of dead weight}

*The boys are always thankful for puddles. No matter where we are they have to step in it.

*Tommy is thankful for super heroes

*Steve is thankful for duct tape. {Our weather stripping came off.... so Steve is not so thankful for Sierra Vista Glass}

*And I'm thankful for Arizona sunsets. You can't beat the sunset of home. And really desert sunsets are amazing.

I am so thankful that we are all safe and that no major disasters happen. I'm thankful for the happy memories I have.


Cayde and Brianna Taylor Family said...

I'm thankful that you are such an awsome photographer and were able to capture some pressious moments from you trip. And I'm also thankful for that smokin hot bod that you're sportin around! :)

Stuart and Heather said...

It looks like you had and AMAZING time! I love family vacation, it is always full of surprises! You do take good pictures btw!

Pixeltrash said...

We didn't really enjoy Legoland either. I thought it was rather boring with little kids.

Your thankful list is very nice and I'm glad to hear that you all made it back from your vacation in one piece!

I found you on SITs.

Alicia said...

You make me laugh! I love your sense of humor... "the ability to spit" and "Sierra Vista Glass"...LOL you're funny.

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