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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Adventure

Well, we are off {kinda} for a new adventure. We are moving to Florida! Why Florida you ask? Well, the husband has decided what he wants to be now that he is grown up. So we are moving so he can go to chiropractic school. So after starting out going to nursing school, then joining the Army, 2 deployments, 7 moves, and contracting here in Arizona we definitely been around the block... a couple times. And we are off again.

Let me back up just a little. After the husband got back from Afghanistan, he was talking about making a change. We love what the military has done for us, and the experiences that we have had. But he decided that it was time to make a change. So after exploring a couple different ideas he picked one.

But first things first.... we need to sell our house. That will depend on when we are leaving. Now ideally we will sell our house and be able to leave in August. And the husband will start school {again} mid-August.

So that is our latest. If you know anyone that will be relocating to Sierra Vista send them our way.... we have a house. {you would be surprised that you know people who are coming here, have been here, took a military course here or was threaten to be stationed here}



Connie said...

AAAGH! Don't move yet- not until you come and visit here! Okay, sorry to be so selfish. Congrats on your decision and I hope the house sells! But come visit us any time... :)

Bec said...

I saw the sign in front of your house the other day- guess it's official now!

Bank On It said...

Hooray for reinventing yourself! My husband and I do it all the time. Sounds like a great opportunity.

Melissa said...

Well I guess that means you won't be coming to CA again for a long time. Good thing we can keep up with you on your blog. We will miss you even more! Hope it all works out.

Laralyn said...

I'd heard rumors... I can't believe they're true! Granted I've never actually been down to visit you in AZ, but FL seems SO much further away! Someday we'll end up close and I'll actually get to know my sister!

Camie said...

Wow, that's quite the undertaking! Good luck with everything.

Steve and Katie said...

So why Florida? Is he already accepted to school? Congrats and good luck!!

Jen said...

August will be interesting. That's when hurricane season REALLY gets started. buah ah ah ah... Totally kidding. It technically starts June 1 and I'm sure you'll hold your breath until November 1 when it ends and then you'll realize that Florida is the awesomest place ever and hurricanes aren't a big deal. ;)

Anonymous said...

i hope your house never sells!!!!! = D

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