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Saturday, April 18, 2009

I made it in time...

So this fabulous blogger named Mamarazzi is having a swap on her blog. I just missed it last time and was waiting to get on in April. You should go and check her out. She has a really cute daughter that does a cooking post about once a week or two. And Mamarazzi herself is full of fun and surprises.

Now because I'm kinda computer retarded I don't know how to put the button on the post. But it's linked many time in this post and the button is on the side bar. {really I'm dumb when it comes to computers... at least weekly I end up with the blue screen of death, and if ever the internet is broke you can blame it on me}

Go peek at her blog!!!


Becky said...

I got signed up for this too! It looks like fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog! We have alot in common...you have 1 more boy than me, and I have 1 more child than you, but we both sound like crazy busy happy moms;) (My favorite color is green too!) See you around~!

Whitney said...

This comment is in response to your last three post!!!

That's so wonderful that the boys appreciate having daddy around for prayers and scriptures. That will have such a big impact on them later in life, especially those teenage years!

YAY for Flordia, except for the alligators. . .please tell me you aren't moving by alligators.

Little Lady Cakes said...

Not the blue screen!

I'm glad you don't let those get you down.

Keep up the good posting!

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