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Thursday, November 26, 2009

NASA's Oops

After our {great} time seeing the launch and knowing that traffic would be horrendous, we decided to wait a bit. Nicole decided to take the older kids to a little free museum that was just down the way.
{getting set up at ground control}
{Testing, testing... 1,2,3}
{Ground control to Major Tom.....}

I sent James with her since he was really interested with all the space talk. {from what I hear} it's a really cool little place. There are the original control panels from Central Command. Original space boots. Original pictures of the shuttle and launch.

Originals of what you ask???? THE FIRST MANED SPACE MISSION!!

Why does this little free museum have this stuff?? {good question} Because apparently after that first NASA thought that we were done so they threw everything away!!! Some of the gun ho old timers picked the stuff out of the garbage and started this little museum. Where you can, not only see everything, but touch a bunch of it as well.
{Original Space suit}
The funny thing about all of this is that when you go to the Kennedy Space Center to pay and look at all of their stuff... it's not really the original. So if you go to 12 Mile Park to see a launch, head down main street and go to the little space museum.
Thanks NASA!

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