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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boys everywhere!

About 2 weeks ago now my very best friend came out to Florida, because her parents happen to live here. So we did what any one would do, we dropped everything to get together. It was so worth it!!! I love having Jen around but it's so nice that we can always talk like she is still just around the corner. Like no time has passed at all.

The boys and I drove up to her parents house and after being timid for all of 4.8 seconds made themselves at home. They all took to Grandma J, and Ponka Blaine. They are such great people and who wouldn't like them.... however I think the fact that Grandma J was handing out licorice at the door helped to ease any fears.

 Benji made an instant friend. Benji likes to be cuddled and what better way to spend a day then to have someone at his beckon call when he needed a hug or a snuggle.... or a piece of licorice.
From left to right we have James 7, Jon 4, Tim 4, Tommy 6, and Davy 6. They are all so funny together, they laugh, and play and talk and just have so much fun when we are together. They too can pick up like they were just at our house yesterday.
 This picture I though was funny because Davy is giving a "thumbs up". I'm not sure why but in like 4 of the pictures that I took he is doing it. Oh, and did you notice the extra body... that's yet another boy. That's Jen's youngest Speed. {I hope that boy runs track some day.... or running back in football {that's a position right?}}

So did you count all the boys??? Yup there are 7! Seven wonderful, crazy, LOUD boys.
Two cute boys, and one hot mamma in the back.... hang on there! She's taken. This is my BFF, and she has a solider over seas. And besides... I totally get first dibs on her, she is 3rd Runner-up for Mrs. Utah after all.

After everyone was fed and had 12-15 more pieces of licorice, we decided to go out. Life is so fun when you venture out with a 7 boys! We went to this place called Kelly Springs. You get an inner tube and then you float down a natural spring. The water is shallow so we thought this would be fun for the boys.
There are a total of 5 inner tubes in the car. We looked pretty funny trying to get them all in here. We did take two cars so Jen had her three boys and two tubes in the other car.

Unfortunately there was a people limit on how many were allowed in the spring at any one time, and when we got there is was full. So back we went to drop off the tubes and try some place else.

We went to a place called Wikevia Springs, and it boasted of a "Natural Water slide"
I wasn't convinced that this was natural.

This place was the epitome of a "Red Neck Yacht Club" Not that I have anything against that but when there are lawn chairs in the water, girls in bikinis that were clearly too small for them and a people drinking away... what else am I suppose to think?
There was eve a DJ.... oh yes there was.
The boys all had a great time playing and making up new games and getting dirty. What a life huh!!!

Benjamin got to stay with Grandma J, who I'm sure bent to his every whim. When I got back I swear he smelt like licorice.

When we got back we showered all the boys and got a few more pictures.
As you can clearly see, Speed was not having it.

 Here's one where you can see all their faces..
Because the other ones weren't crazy enough the boys wanted a "crazy" picture.

So after a tearful good-buy and a handful of licorice for each boy we set off for home.

I really miss Jen and the boys. I hope that we can live closer some time. I miss when she was around the corner and seeing her was a daily thing. But I love that when we get together it's like everything is normal and the same. I love that all the boys get along so well and that they all have a great time together.


Sami said...

What a great time! Um, yeah. That slide looked completely like it was placed there by God Himself, no?
And who doesn't love a drunk chubby girl in an itsy bitsy bikini???
Me, that's who!
Glad you had fun, despite the change in venue!

sinika said...

So many boys!!! Fun!

Janet said...

I just died laughing when I saw your pics of Wekiva Springs Resort. (You have to differentiate because there is a Wekiva Springs Park that is a giant leap up from the Resort.) We have also had the pleasure of adventuring at the resort after it was highly recommended by a good friend. The strong smell of sulfer should have been our first clue to turn around. Steve always tells people he was the only one without a tattoo.

Jen said...

I think we were aiming for Wekiva Springs Park but ended up at the resort. Is it possible to be jealous of myself? Cause right now I am. :) Love you bunches and bunches!!

Patrish said...

Wow! Lots of boys!

I grew up with 5 older brothers so I understand living with BOYS!!!

I really love your blog, its just darling.

I look forward to learning more about you.

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