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Friday, April 8, 2011


I love doing the swaps from Mamarazzi! She always does such a great job and I have always been paired with a great partner.


My partner this time is Tami, from Tami's Eclectic Corner. It was so fun to get to know her. She has her 5 on Friday that are so fun to read. {5 good and 5 not so good that happen over the week}Here box came just at the right time. I had just spent the last week and a half cleaning puke from sick boys. Yes... this box came at the right time to brighten my day.

Here is what I got!!

A box full of styrofoam!!!!! Which I must say I pulled many... many pieces out of the baby's mouth.

Ooooo... Look how pretty!! I love that they are all wrapped so nice.

 Look how fun! I got some Purex Crystals {they smell so good} And scripture markers... I love the colors, She sent me E.L.F Eyeshadow... I just found this brand and have fallen in love, and the little keychain, it says FAMILY on it, it is so cute!

Here are some of my favorites!!
Here is cookbook with some GREAT recipes. I'm so excited to cook from here. I spent the rest of the night reading it
"Chocolate Never Faileth"..... I should say not!
And here is my favorite!!! It's a CD called "Sabbath Morning" I put it on right away, and low and behold.... Tami is there singing!!! Her voice is beautiful! I love getting something so personal!

I have really enjoyed getting to know Tami! This blog world is just wonderful!!


Beth said...

What a great package! :D

Tami Warner said...

It makes me happy that you liked everything! It was such a fun thing! I'm happy I made a new friend!

Sami said...

What a great idea! For someone who can sing, that is...
Looks like a great package!

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