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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Science Fair Winners

The boys had a Science Fair with the homeschool Co-op. The boys both wanted to enter, so we have now entered the science fair world. We were going to work on them during the break.... but we were all sick, so the week before that's what we focused on.

It went really well and the boys worked really hard on their projects! I am really proud of them!

Tommy did a demonstration on Pulleys. We bought some materials and I drilled some holes and Tommy put together the pulley all on his own. I helped him research about pulleys, and simple machines, but he pulled all the information together. 

James chose to do his project on electrical current. Steve helped him build his little current thing, and James collected his materials and tested each one to see if a current will run through it. He even typed up a good portion of it as well.

Tim came along to help set-up and be in the cheering sections,
Until he found something else to entertain him. Queen's "We will Rock You" sounds really neat sang into the fan. Tim really wanted to do a science fair project too.... he is looking forward to next year.
Here's the other part of our cheering section. He had a great time crawling on floor and entertaining everyone with his smile. {do you notice the extra tooth?}

The boys each had to talk to a judge and explain their project and their understanding of it.
Tommy got third place!! He did a really good job. I am so proud of him and his hard work.

James got first place!!! He did a really good job talking with the judge. He was really engaging with the judge and explained his project really well. I was so proud of James and how hard he worked on this.

I am so proud of the boys! It was a great day!!

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