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Friday, April 15, 2011

I confess!


I've have had some things to get off my chest lately... so here I am. I'm just telling you. My closest friends, please don't tell anyone....

When I was in high school... I loathed the cheerleaders. Oh, man... it was bad. I was never mean, but really... who could like all that peppy-ness? You know what it was though? I was so jealous! I really wish I could have jumped around and been that confident. I still look at them and am still jealous. Do you think that it's too late to try out??? yeah... I thought so.

We don't have cable... On the CW the "Real Housewives of Orange County" is on at 4:00.... well... was on. I would DVR it and watch it later. {they replaced it with Maury.... YUCK} I kinda liked all the catfights and the drunk ladies at noon.

I love my husband!!! I really do. BUT..... well.... with this whole Royal wedding coming up I am a bit sad that William is no longer eligible. I have always had a secret hope that we would meet in a coffee shop.... wait... I don't drink coffee.... hum, that we would bump into each other during Fashion Week...  ahhh.... I trip on myself in heels. Well... that he would pull my name out of thin air and want me {and my 4 kids} to marry him. {not sure yet about the husband thing} I would love to live the royal life. Do you think there is any way I can at least get an invite??

Go on to Mamarazzi and tell your closest friends your confessions.


Anonymous said...

I always loathed the cheerleaders but I don't think I wanted to be one. I went to an intro meeting once and though I had the gymnastics skills, I totally had no pep. It's too bad the things we let pass us by though, you know? Oh well. Happy Friday!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I never really hated the cheerleaders, but being in the band, we definitely heckled them - probably more than our share. Maybe the Royals will hear of your blog and decide to send you an invite? I'm visiting from Mamarazzi's Confessional link-up.

Amber said...

I don't have cable either which leads me into the cheerleading thing...I myself wasn't a cheerleader, but I LOVE watching them. Competitions and such...and I LOVE Hellcats, haha.

I watch embarassing television...

Jen said...

I didn't hate the cheerleaders, but that was because my second high school didn't have any. I did, however, channel all of the cheerleaders I ever knew when I was an EFY counselor. It's a lot like cheerleading. And a lot like herding cats.

VandyJ said...

I didn't hate the cheerleaders--just envied them from a distance. I knew I would never be that coordinated, or confident. The nerdy, geeky bookworm never blossomed in high school.
At least William is better looking than his father. Charles is not so easy on the eyes.
And don't you have a list--you know a pass list? A list of guys that you would get a free pass if they walked up to you and said let's get it on? Both hubby and I do.

Beth said...

I had that same dream about Prince William, before he started looking more like his father. And before I realized that would mean having to put up with Her Majesty. I am NOT that much of a lady- I'd be a royal disappointment to the entire family.

However, Harry is looking fun these days....
Thanks for 'fessing!

J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

That's funny about Prince William...you know him getting married ruins most women's fantasy's about marrying a prince!!

I was so gonna check out Real Housewives too bad it's not any more :(

Amy said...

I didnt' like the cheerleaders either and now my youngest daughter is trying out next year. Yikes!

My plan for Prince William was to have him marry my oldest daughter. He could have waited another 4 years! Dangit!

sarajo said...

Please don't hate me then. I cheered in high school. And I so would have loved to cheered in college! But, I was the cool band geek cheerleader. Our school was that small, that I could be in band and cheer. I would do the half time shows with the band in my cheer uniform.

And I totally get the whole Prince William thing. I'm in the same boat.

Jason & Claire said...

Were you this funnt in HS? You're hilarious! Don't worry about the cheerleading thing...not all it's cracked up to be;) And I'VE been waiting to meet Prince William too. SUCH a let down!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I was a cheerleader in HS. But I was better at being a nerd. This is such a funny post. I cannot wait for the Royal Wedding. I have even planned a wonderful breakfast for us. I am so pitiful *I confess*

Visiting from Mamarazzi's blog.

~Ricki Jill

Ashley said...

Not having cable has its high points and low points. We haven't had it for quite some time so when people talk about shows that are currently on I pretty much feel in the dark! Basically I DVR whatever "basic" cable provides for some source of entertainment!

Mamarazzi said...

um i love me some real housewives..but NY and NJ and Atlanta are sooooo much better, you need cable.


really, William?

hmm...i don't get it.

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I think the whole world is letting out a collective sigh of remorse that Prince William is no longer single.

Pyratess said...

Don't worry. I hate to sound pessimistic but if Prince William is anything like his dad he will be single again in a few years.
Honestly, I'd be surprised if this marriage lasted.
My secret crush is Johnny Depp... It's not much of a secret though.

Sami said...

You sound like me!
I hated the cheerleaders for the exact same reason, and I am probably not coordinated enough to have even thought about trying out anyway.
I don't buy heels, because I cannot even pretend to be graceful in them.
I love me some trash TV too. I have watched any of the Real Housewives shows, but I do watch the Bachelor(ette) for the drama. Hey! My life is boring!

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