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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter has come....

And gone.....

I love Easter time, and I love that I am currently in a place that is experiencing spring.... or something along those lines, anyway.

I thought I would have time to really put something together.... but even though it was it was at the end of April I still feel like it snuck up on me. So when the Primary announced that they would be doing an Easter Egg hunt for all the primary kids, I thought yeah, I'll still come out of this looking somewhat like a cool mom.

The boys were eager to start.

 Benji wasn't into the egg gathering but getting all the looks from ever one he was eating up.

They let the younger kids out first and let them have a go at collecting the eggs before the bigger kids came and over ran them all.

I have found that baskets are a waste of space in my life right now, and they are hard to store. So I went the easy route and got them each a party bag, and that worked well.... this might just be our thing, rather than baskets... time will tell.
Tim went out to start getting hie eggs. He felt so lucky... he found a small bunch right together. {note Tommy in on the right hand side}
 All of a sudden Tommy swoops in.......
And then like the wind he was gone. {I don't know what I'm going to do with that boy....}
James was part of the older group and came out to fetch some eggs 2.5 minutes later.

They all had a great time and it was fun watching them run around and have such a great time. I love seeing the smiles on their faces. When I grow old that is what I want to remember. Not necessarily what they were doing, but the smile on their faces as they were doing it.

It was an "Egg"-cellent day!!!! {sorry, I couldn't resist}

Monday, April 25, 2011

I spy.... fabric!

I occasionally post on another blog called Cookie Nut Creations. You should go peek there and see all the cute things and ideas that are there.

Right now there is a swap going on. An Eye-Spy swap. You send send some fabric and get 200 squares in return!!!

Now I really want to do this but my track record with follow thru is TERRIBLE!!! So I'm sending you over there to get in on this.

If you are a quilter you will LOVE this, I promise!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen!!!

He is risen! He is risen!
Tell it out with joyful voice
He has burst his three days prison
Let the whole wide earth rejoice
Death is conquered, man is free
Christ has won the victory

This is a great time of year! I am so thankful to know that my Lord and Savior is alive. I am thankful to know that he died for my sins, and that I can live again because of the gift that he gave to me. I know that this was the plan that my Father in Heaven had laid out, that a Savior needed to come to redeem up from the fall. And because he did we can all live with him again. I know that he was in the tomb for three days, and when Mary came to the tomb she found it empty. I know that she must have been sad upon arrival not seeing his body in the tomb, but I can imagine the happiness as well that she found it empty. Knowing that this was to happen, knowing that the promise had been fulfilled, and knowing that the Savior was risen from the grave. What a great thing to know!!! 

{He is Risen was written by Ceicl Frances Alexander and you can listen to it HERE}

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boys everywhere!

About 2 weeks ago now my very best friend came out to Florida, because her parents happen to live here. So we did what any one would do, we dropped everything to get together. It was so worth it!!! I love having Jen around but it's so nice that we can always talk like she is still just around the corner. Like no time has passed at all.

The boys and I drove up to her parents house and after being timid for all of 4.8 seconds made themselves at home. They all took to Grandma J, and Ponka Blaine. They are such great people and who wouldn't like them.... however I think the fact that Grandma J was handing out licorice at the door helped to ease any fears.

 Benji made an instant friend. Benji likes to be cuddled and what better way to spend a day then to have someone at his beckon call when he needed a hug or a snuggle.... or a piece of licorice.
From left to right we have James 7, Jon 4, Tim 4, Tommy 6, and Davy 6. They are all so funny together, they laugh, and play and talk and just have so much fun when we are together. They too can pick up like they were just at our house yesterday.
 This picture I though was funny because Davy is giving a "thumbs up". I'm not sure why but in like 4 of the pictures that I took he is doing it. Oh, and did you notice the extra body... that's yet another boy. That's Jen's youngest Speed. {I hope that boy runs track some day.... or running back in football {that's a position right?}}

So did you count all the boys??? Yup there are 7! Seven wonderful, crazy, LOUD boys.
Two cute boys, and one hot mamma in the back.... hang on there! She's taken. This is my BFF, and she has a solider over seas. And besides... I totally get first dibs on her, she is 3rd Runner-up for Mrs. Utah after all.

After everyone was fed and had 12-15 more pieces of licorice, we decided to go out. Life is so fun when you venture out with a 7 boys! We went to this place called Kelly Springs. You get an inner tube and then you float down a natural spring. The water is shallow so we thought this would be fun for the boys.
There are a total of 5 inner tubes in the car. We looked pretty funny trying to get them all in here. We did take two cars so Jen had her three boys and two tubes in the other car.

Unfortunately there was a people limit on how many were allowed in the spring at any one time, and when we got there is was full. So back we went to drop off the tubes and try some place else.

We went to a place called Wikevia Springs, and it boasted of a "Natural Water slide"
I wasn't convinced that this was natural.

This place was the epitome of a "Red Neck Yacht Club" Not that I have anything against that but when there are lawn chairs in the water, girls in bikinis that were clearly too small for them and a people drinking away... what else am I suppose to think?
There was eve a DJ.... oh yes there was.
The boys all had a great time playing and making up new games and getting dirty. What a life huh!!!

Benjamin got to stay with Grandma J, who I'm sure bent to his every whim. When I got back I swear he smelt like licorice.

When we got back we showered all the boys and got a few more pictures.
As you can clearly see, Speed was not having it.

 Here's one where you can see all their faces..
Because the other ones weren't crazy enough the boys wanted a "crazy" picture.

So after a tearful good-buy and a handful of licorice for each boy we set off for home.

I really miss Jen and the boys. I hope that we can live closer some time. I miss when she was around the corner and seeing her was a daily thing. But I love that when we get together it's like everything is normal and the same. I love that all the boys get along so well and that they all have a great time together.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Very well thank you.
We have been blessed to have a little garden plot at a community church. And you might remember this post when we were first starting out, and had just planted some vegetables.
We now have flowers and even little tomatoes, and some cucumbers!! I am so excited about our romaine lettuce, I don't think that I have ever had such fresh romaine!
This garden is going to be such a blessing in our life with all the fresh veggies! I only wish it was in our back yard, but I'll talk what I can get!

Look at all that green!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Making Money

One day, when James is out in the world making loads of money... I want him to remember his very first entrepreneur endeavor.... selling rocks. It did not go as planned, but you have go through many failures to hit success. And James is now on his way!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Science Fair Winners

The boys had a Science Fair with the homeschool Co-op. The boys both wanted to enter, so we have now entered the science fair world. We were going to work on them during the break.... but we were all sick, so the week before that's what we focused on.

It went really well and the boys worked really hard on their projects! I am really proud of them!

Tommy did a demonstration on Pulleys. We bought some materials and I drilled some holes and Tommy put together the pulley all on his own. I helped him research about pulleys, and simple machines, but he pulled all the information together. 

James chose to do his project on electrical current. Steve helped him build his little current thing, and James collected his materials and tested each one to see if a current will run through it. He even typed up a good portion of it as well.

Tim came along to help set-up and be in the cheering sections,
Until he found something else to entertain him. Queen's "We will Rock You" sounds really neat sang into the fan. Tim really wanted to do a science fair project too.... he is looking forward to next year.
Here's the other part of our cheering section. He had a great time crawling on floor and entertaining everyone with his smile. {do you notice the extra tooth?}

The boys each had to talk to a judge and explain their project and their understanding of it.
Tommy got third place!! He did a really good job. I am so proud of him and his hard work.

James got first place!!! He did a really good job talking with the judge. He was really engaging with the judge and explained his project really well. I was so proud of James and how hard he worked on this.

I am so proud of the boys! It was a great day!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

On Driver, On!!

Tim and his good friend Jon were out side playing and Tim was pulling Jon in the wagon.

 They were having a grand time!!
 Jon yelled for Tim to go faster. And with a smile on his face he was happy to oblige.

And then Jon yells... "On Driver, On!!" It was so funny!! I just laughed at this.

And Tim drove on.

I confess!


I've have had some things to get off my chest lately... so here I am. I'm just telling you. My closest friends, please don't tell anyone....

When I was in high school... I loathed the cheerleaders. Oh, man... it was bad. I was never mean, but really... who could like all that peppy-ness? You know what it was though? I was so jealous! I really wish I could have jumped around and been that confident. I still look at them and am still jealous. Do you think that it's too late to try out??? yeah... I thought so.

We don't have cable... On the CW the "Real Housewives of Orange County" is on at 4:00.... well... was on. I would DVR it and watch it later. {they replaced it with Maury.... YUCK} I kinda liked all the catfights and the drunk ladies at noon.

I love my husband!!! I really do. BUT..... well.... with this whole Royal wedding coming up I am a bit sad that William is no longer eligible. I have always had a secret hope that we would meet in a coffee shop.... wait... I don't drink coffee.... hum, that we would bump into each other during Fashion Week...  ahhh.... I trip on myself in heels. Well... that he would pull my name out of thin air and want me {and my 4 kids} to marry him. {not sure yet about the husband thing} I would love to live the royal life. Do you think there is any way I can at least get an invite??

Go on to Mamarazzi and tell your closest friends your confessions.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

7 months already!!

I mean really.... where does the time go. This baby is growing so fast right in front of me. I love watching him grow but it's sad at the same time.
He seems to get bigger every day I pull him out of his bed!!! His baby blues will knock just about everyone over.
His pallet has expanded to include everything off of my plate and anything off the ground.

He is very mobile now and has found his way into many things. We now have to close the doors to all the bedrooms because he gets lost.
I love the dimple that he has. And I love that it's just on one side.
He is such a happy baby! And it's really easy to get him to giggle. And he giggles at funny things.... like eating applesauce, seeing dad walk in the door, and looking at Tommy.
Until he's not...

And then he is done.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Sprink Break...

Our spring break what well... yeah, I can't think of any words to describe it.

Tim started our whole family down a rough road of puke. It all started with him and he decided to pass it to everyone. Apparently we are a family that likes to share. Once he got over it... Tommy had it. So lets start from there...
I'm not sure what is going on here, James is showing Benji something. I just think this is a great picture of the two of them.

Once James and Benji were done, James had another idea.

 Do you know what this is......A box, a stick...
There are some peanuts under the box.....
And a string. They were hoping for some squirrels.

I'm sure you are wondering what Tommy was doing at this time.
He was puking in the popcorn puke bowl. This poor boy was so sick!
Tim and James sat out on the porch for about an hour and a half!

It was  highly entertaining for me to watch. They sat there and waited so patiently for the little squirrel to come. But alas... they were not hungry that day.

{until later when they came back and took all the peanuts from under the box.....}

Friday, April 8, 2011

Look what he found!

Benjamin found something!!

He has really enjoyed his new toy.
It makes me giggle
 He is making all sorts of fun noises with his new toy

 And well... he's just so dang cute... with it out.
Benjamin found his tongue!!

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