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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Bags are Packed

I feel like I am ready to go... I have my bags packed and now I am just waiting for baby to make his entrance into this world.

I have been to the hospital 4 times.... so I feel pretty confident that I am ready for what I may need... do you want to see what is in my bag and make your own checklist so you don't forget anything.

First I have three bags... One for me, one for baby, and one for Benji. The other boys are big enough to handle themselves and what not... anyway I'll explain more when we get there.

 I have a bag for Benji, it has diapers, an outfit, and a sippy cup. I also have a schedule for him, and a quick info for the other boys. Whether the person sticks to the schedule for Benji is not a big deal, but at least they know what to expect from his behavior. I know that the sippy cup isn't a real big thing but it's his favorite so I put it in there. If he is not wearing pj's when he is dropped off I will throw those in too and his blanket as well.
Here is what I packed for me I found a small travel case with shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, tooth brush, body wash and deodorant. {I found it in the travel section at Target} There are also Q-tips, face wipes, lotion, a hair clip and band, chapstick {not pictured} antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer, a brush, a loofa, Altoids, and a small travel shaving kit.... vain... probably.... but I intend to shave my legs as soon as I can see them again.
I have a couple pair of socks, underwear, nursing bras, and some comfortable clothes... nothing exciting.

Again I have a check list for my bag too. Just reminders of things to grab on the way out the door... My insurance card, my camera, slippers, a water bottle, my phone and charger, my glasses, and contacts and the case. I will also throw another comfy outfit when we are ready to leave, but nothing else fits me so I'm wearing what I will put in the bag.
Here is what I put in the baby's bag... Vaseline {if you put this on the baby's bum it makes cleaning off the meconium easier} nail clippers.... {Benji had really long finger nails, and the hospital wouldn't let me use any nail clippers on him because I might cut his fingers.... this time I'm bringing my own.} There are nursing pads, Lanolin, a bracelet {so I can remember what side I nursed on last} and binki's, just in case he doesn't like the ones that the hospital has.
Then there is an outfit for his ride home, socks, mitten, and a couple blankets.
Isn't this blanket so cute!! A really good friend of mine made it. You can get some really great stuff {for some really good prices!} at her facebook store Peek-a-Boo Covers.
I took a picture of this cute little outfit that I bought for our new little one, and I couldn't believe how small it was. This really puts it in perspective... Benji's onesie is under the sleeper.
And lastly... I wrote letters to each of the boys. I'll have Steve give the letters to each of the boys after when he comes home. In each letter I wrote a memory that I had of each of them when they were a baby, I told them about the talents and attributes they have. I told them how I have loved there help with Benji, and that even with the chaos of new baby I need them to come and hug me every day.
So there you have it  pretty simple and easy. I don't feel like I need a whole lot, and keeping it simple means there is less to forget.

.... I am ready to go when ever this guy decides to make an appearance.


Merianne said...

You are ready Momma..Good Luck to you and your sweet family..you will be in our prayers!!!

Jennifer said...

Hey! I know that outfit!! ;) Love you!

sinika said...

Oh gosh- I haven't even thought about any of this yet! Thanks for the reminder and cute ideas. I'll have to write my boys a little something- love that idea. Good luck with everything! Can't wait to see your cute new little boy!!

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