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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Piano Man

Tommy has been playing the piano for about 9 months now. He has really come a long way and is doing so well. He is really enjoying playing and is even starting to write some of his own music.

In December he had his first recital and was so excited {and a little nervous} to be playing in front of people. But he did a great job!

He played "Jingle Bells", and "Christmas Parade" He did wonderfully! I am so proud of him!

Playing for us all. His teacher has three students and so there were three rather big families there to preform in front of.
I can't get this boys to have a normal picture to save his life!!

Oooo I got one that good. Silly boy!

I can't wait to hear him progress through this next year! I'm sure he will be amazing!

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